If you would occasionally take care of some news about entertainment every morning, you noticed that Grammy's appointments were announced. While their leaders could be easily detectable, the Grammies hardly surprise each year. Considering how powerful his return turned out to be, Eminem was almost guaranteed to get a named Grammy Kamikaze. While he was left out of the category "Best Rap Album", Em was nominated for "Best Rap Song" for "Lucky You". The section is quite loaded as it is against "Sicko Mode", "Dia Plano," "Gain" and "King's Dead". We will have to wait and see how voters are swinging but nowadays, people focus on the sincere irony of Em's appointment considering his multiple album of Grammy in the song.

"I did that I won a Grammys couple, but I sold my soul to get them", raps Shady on the song. He entered a little bit smaller Kamikaze tracks but the Grammian organizers must not listen to those. When the song starts, Joyner Lucas claims he wanted Grammy all his life, but it probably will never succeed. Perhaps this is his chance.

Joyner Lucas is also nominated in the category of Music videos for "I & m; Not Racist". Eminem has now been nominated for a total of 44 awards in the history of the show. Will you set to see who wins?