Monday , June 21 2021

Four routes of the John Harbaugh season-finishing conference – The Athletic

John Harbaugh stepped behind the podium late on Friday morning and started a 30-minute minute conference saying, "I'm just glad to be Rafael, and to see that continue, I guess I can not just express myself feel like that."

Harbaugh's first available media was scheduled after he had agreed to a new four-year contract with Ravens less than 24 hours earlier. His new contract was the subject of the day, but Harbaugh also asked many other questions about Coral plans for what figures to be an important role.

Below are four ways of Harbaugh's comments:

The Ravens top decision makers are on the same page

The silence of the organization since the Los Angeles Chargers season-loss loss almost three weeks tracked many speculations. What happened to the contract with Harbaugh? Does Harbaugh ask for more power with long-term general director Ozzie …

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