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Hells Angels member, daughter of a drug addict married in Montreal

Annie Arbic arrives with the member of Hells Angel, Martin Robert, in Cadillac carcass for his wedding in downtown Montreal on Saturday, December 1, 2018.

John Mahoney / / Montreal Gazette

Wedding in the full reach of the Hells Angel and daughter of a famous drug addict drew members of organized crime to the center of Montreal on Saturday.

Martin Robert, 44, and Annie Arbic, 32, were married at Montreal's Windsor Ballrooms on Peel St.

According to the Montreal Newspaper, among the nearly 300 guests there were many members of the different branches of Hells Angels and people with links to the Montreal Mafia and Rizzuto clan.

As a former RCMP intelligence analyst put it on Twitter, the "arrogance" of holding the wedding in the center of Montreal raises questions about the growing "feeling of invincibility" of the band.

Police could be seen parked across the street and stood close to the entrance on Saturday, taking photos and videos to document all those present.

Being driven into a bus, limousine and SUVs mix, guests started to reach the central hall at 4:45 p.m. Some have hidden their faces of news and police photographers, others welcomed the attention. At least proudly brought gold Hells Angels hanging around her neck.

Among the guests it was claimed that the leader of Hells Angels Salvatore Cazzetta.

The bride had black leather jackets over her clothes with the words "Ride or Die" painted on the back. The fianc2ee and boyfriend arrived in a vintage blue Cadillac with empty beer canes hanging from the back and a sign that read "Going to marry again" bound to the license plate.

The couple, both imprisoned due to serious crimes at different points in their relationship, were together for more than a decade.

Roberto, a member of the Hells Angels-Montreal chapter, has a criminal record, which includes damages for fire, drug possession, assault and dangerous driving.

He went to the year in 2009 after being targeted at SharQc, an investigation that led to almost all members of the Hells-based Angels based in Quebec arrested against drugs, murders and conspiracies that caused the band's bloody war with rivals between 1994 and 2002

Nicknamed Marty or Capo, Roberto was listed as one of Quebec's most loved criminals during the race. He was finally arrested in a Mexican discotheque at the beginning of 2010 and was out of prison since 2015, after serving five years related to SharQc's charges.

Arbic is the daughter of Sharon Simon, a famous drug addictor called "Queen of Kanesatake".

She was imprisoned in 2008, when she was 22 years old, for drug charges and money money laundering. She was arrested in Cleopatra Project, a RCMP-led research that was focused on her mother. The mother and daughter duo were arrested at the same time in 2006.

The long-term relationship of Robert and Arbic was documented in the Parole Board of Canada decisions over the years.

Although a model killed, Arbic was denied speech at least two occasions, partly, to her relationship with Roberto.

In 2009, the board board found the relationship of Arbic with him to be "very careful" and questioned how she could live with Robert without him "having an effect" on his options.

In 2010, Arbic again refused speech after acknowledging that she had planned to continue her relationship with Robert, who, at the time, was facing a few murders after SharQc Operation.

She also had several unexpected requests from left, while Robert was at the lamp – authorities were afraid she would try to flee the country to join her hiding girl hiding.

When they arrived before the Windsor Saturday, their driver seated and rushed into the Peel St. Park spot, Arbic quickly ran the concrete steps to the room, holding a large cookie in her right hand and her veil in her left hand.

Robert followed afar off.


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