Monday , June 5 2023

Here's a completely new legend card from Hearthstone's next expansion •


Uldum's Saviors, Hearthstone's next expansion, is set to launch on August 6 – but we can bring out one of its all-new legendary cards on Eurogamer today.

King Phaoris is a legendary minion that can be played by any class, but looks like a real blast to those with spell-heavy decks. Play Forison on the board and he will summon a million of the same cost of each spell in your hand. Naughty!

A ripe feline humanoid with a six-pack (seriously, where do all these guys work?), Pharisee is the leader of the Ramkahen tribe within the shifting sands of Uldum.


One disadvantage, perhaps, is his 10-man cost for what is otherwise a fairly standard five-five-minion. It's really about that Battlecry.
Phaoris is a card designed to be played in decks with lots of spells and a solid card drawn to fill your hand – and therefore the board – as far as possible.

Here are some exclusive pics of a few Pharaoh king hairstyles in action:

Blizzard also kindly provided us with a clean picture of the art below for your viewing pleasure.


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