Friday , July 30 2021

How to Make Your Instagram Stories Only Visible to Close Friends & # 39;

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Instagram is one of those platforms, like Twitter, that I have always considered the content that I have posted to be visible to the masses. Yes, I know that both have a "private" option for accounts, but I always thought that the value in both interacted with people outside your circle.

And then I started using Instagram Stories. While I have no problem with strangers by commenting and looking at my carefully selected Instagram images, my stories tend to be a bit more personal. This week, Instagram has launched a new feature so that you can keep these people, although you continue to keep your account (and the stories you choose) publicly.

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Call Closed Friends, the function allows you to choose whether an image is shared with the crowds or just people in your near friend list when you add it to a story. Nobody will know if they have done the cut to your "close friend" list or not, so you can choose which you would like to be included.

To use it, you must first (obviously) create a close friend's list.

Do this by tapping your profile icon within the Instagram application and then by clicking the hamburger icon on the right side of the page. From here, select "Close Friend List" from the down menu. You can add people by clicking on the "add" button next to your name, and you can also play "Suggestions" to make somewhat easier things (Instagram will put on people you interact frequently on the platform).

Screenshots: Instagram

Once you've done a list, you will begin to see an icon "Close Friends" when you create an Instagram history. Try it, and the story will be sent to your nearest friends.

That's it.

Notable: "Dear Friends" are designed with a green circle around them instead of red. So, if you do not know that you are specifically about the friend's "Close Friend" list, you will know that you are only seeing friends sent (so you can find out that you are on a list of something fast enough ).

It is also worth noting: Images divided into "Closures of Closing Friends" can not be shared elsewhere, so you do not have to worry about your cover being blown by a close friend by dividing your image on their stream.

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