Monday , June 21 2021

I hope to live in B.C. It falls for the first time in decades

Look at: Drop in lifetime is one of the annoying findings in a new report looking at the health of British Colombians. Tess van Straaten looks.

B.C. has the highest life expectancy in the country and has once been a third in the world.

But for the first time in decades, it falls.

"For the first time in 30 years, we have seen a living hope of three months ago," says the provincial health Dr. Bonnie Henry. "Much of that is because young people die because of this overdose."

That is, without considering numbers over the past year, which has seen the overdose crisis continues to get worse.

It is one of the most alarming findings in a new report released by the provincial sanitary officer on Friday morning.

The Taking the Pressure of the Population A report looks at a wide range of healthy markers and how they run to goals set for 2023.

"I'm worried and I'm worried about specific areas," Dr. Henry says.

Rates of dangerous drink between women from 20 to 44 have increased.

Women in their early 30s show the greatest growth.

But males are much more likely to participate in dangerous drinks, defined as four or more drinks at the same time.

They also have higher smoking rates and continue to be twice as likely for females to die by accidental injuries or preventable causes.

"We can not lose the fact of preventive and public health service and the health service," said Dr. Enrique. "Right now, they are around three percent and they have actually come down in recent years."

Dr. Enrique says a larger percentage of budgetary budgets should go to prevention, especially in rural areas.

She also warns that the healthy effects of climate change, such as smoke of the B.C. Wildlife covered covered by the province last August, must be considered.

But there are also good news – diabetes assessment, smoking during pregnancy and hepatitis C are all below.

Vancouver Islanders was invented to be the most physically active and reporting the best mental health in the province, despite eating in mental health through the board.

In three times with the North and Interior health regions, Icelanders also reported to be the most satisfied of their lives.

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