Sunday , May 28 2023

Mobile Freedom is Arriving – Kelowna News


Mobile Freedom is coming

Kirk Penton

Freedom Mobile has set up shop in Kelowna, where it will continue its fight against Canada's big three cellphone companies.

Dozens of customers lined up outside the regional carrier's new location at Orchard Park Shopping Center on Wednesday – some of them arriving more than two hours before 10 a.m. cutting ribbons – to take advantage of donations and get their hands on the company's free phone. bidding with some two-year contracts.

"This only shows the hungry Canadians for an affordable wireless plan," Freedom Mobile vice president and general manager Dean Price said mid-range.

"I think of my own family, and we had no freedom when my children were home, and the money we spent was just difficult. Now, from a family point of view, there is a way to actually connect with your children without having to mortgage your house."

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