Wednesday , August 17 2022

NASA captures space phenomenon & # 39; Interplanetary Shock & # 39;


NASA scientists have finally captured the first sights of something they were looking for years ago, the solar "Interplanetary Shock".


NASA launched its Magnetospheric Multiscale mission back in 2015, the mission's goal was to observe and study how the Sun's winds are impacting the Earth's magnetic fields. In January 2018, NASA scientists managed to capture this space phenomenon with the four launched spacecraft, this phenomenon was an interplanetary shock.

Interplanetary shock is the transfer of solar energy (solar wind), this phenomenon occurs when a faster solar wind park passes a slower patch, resulting in the aforementioned energy transfer, or "shock". Because for the first time recording of this relocation has now been captured and maintained, scientists hope that with this new information, they will be able to better understand how it works, while hoping to be able to capture other space phenomena.

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