Friday , April 23 2021

NASA's leader says that Elon Musk understands to smoke marijuana in the public "inappropriate behavior", will not repeat

WASHINGTON: NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said that SpaceCondator Elon Musk will not smoke the grass publicly again, the media reported.

Speaking of the infamous kamaza marijuana during the podcast of "The Joe Rogan Experience" in September, the NASA leader said that this was not appropriate behavior & # 39; and people will no longer see, the Atlantic reported on Thursday.

Bridenstine said he had been talking to Musco lately that he did not want NASA entrepreneurs to be involved in questioning behavior.

"We had a lot of conversations," he said.

"I'll tell you, he's so committed to security as anyone, and he understands that this was not a suitable behavior, and you will no longer see that," Bridenstine told reporters at NASA's headquarters in Washington on Thursday.

NASA along with Musk's SpaceX and Boeing develops transportation systems that would allow the United States to fly American soil astronauts for the first time since the space shuttle was withdrawn in 2011.

"The leaders of these organizations must take this as an example of what you need to do when you are leading an organization that will launch American astronauts," said Bridenstine.

The warning comes about a week after reports suggesting that NASA would carry out revisions of labor culture at and SpaceX and Boeing.

"NASA will carry out cultural training in coordination with our business partners to ensure that the companies meet the needs of Nasa for the workplace, including the incorporation into a free environment," the agency noted in a statement.

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On Thursday, Bridenstine said he had personally ordered the reviews.

He attributed his decision to several tragedies in NASA history, including the Apollo-1 fire in 1967, when three astronauts were killed during a ground trial, and the two disasters of spacecraft (Challenger in 1986 and Columbia in 2003), which together killed 14 people.

SpaceX spokeswoman rejected comment on Bridenstine's comments, said the report.

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NASA, in 2014, gave and Space and Boeing combined $ 6.8 billion to develop launch systems that could transport the astronauts from the agency to and from the International Space Station.

Last week NASA announced that SpaceX's first free trial is scheduled to be scheduled for January 7, but Bridenstine said on Thursday that the date is unlikely to stand and can slide in spring.

Written tests flights are expected the next summer but this timeline may also change, the report said.

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