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NHL All-Star Skills Takeaways: Matthews's assault wins crowd

SAN JOSE, California – Connor McDavid still slides like a girl, Auston Matthews still loves Father Marleau and the Capital's representative still has the most difficult shot.

Here are the most outstanding of the NHL All-Star Skills Contest on Friday, which turned fun, terrifying and even courageous.

It's the world of McDavid; We only live in it

Connor McDavid's hat of all stars was as much for function as a fashion.

"Especially, if I did not use a helmet, I do not want my hair to hit my face everywhere and I can not see it, right?" The Oilers captain said before the Fastest Skater contest.

To the surprise of just null people, McDavid successfully defended his title with a blister 13,338 second round, becoming the first NHL to win the race three times.

He exhausted Jack Eichel (again), who published a time of 13,582.

"Just go as fast as I could," said McDavid. "All about your crossings, finding a way to keep your speed across the lap".

It is not true to the rumor that McDavid will donate the $ 25,000 in the Oilers salary award.

Skate like a girl

The most recent torsion of the event had to be the addition of Kendall Coyne Schofield to Rapid Skater. The Olympic Gold Olympics team was pressed to compete against the men as substitute of Nathan MacKinnon de Colorado, unable to participate after blocking a firing in the game leading to all the stars of the week.

As the first woman to compete in the NHL Skills Competition, Coyne Schofield hit an impressive time of 14,346, hitting Clayton Keller and possibly gaining an attempt with the Kings.

"This is certainly three to three moments in my career," she loved. "The crowd exploded. Listen to the U-S-A chants. Everybody exploded when I started. Definitively gave me some impulse." Adrenaline was a pump. "

Coyne Schofield's speed has earned respect for her friends.

"When she took off, I was similar," Wow, "said McDavid." I thought she might have won how she moved. She is a wonderful skaterino, and it's a wonderful thing for the game when you can see her participate in an event like this. "

Added to Austria Matthews: "She flew. I hardly gave Kells because she hit him."

Drawing a lot of reporters after the race, Coyne Schofield had a message to pass.

"I would especially say to young girls, women, follow your dreams, believe in yourself," she said. "There's nothing you can not do. Tonight was an example of that."

The Hardest Shot remains in Washington

The field for the Most Shot of this year – typically the most difficult event to convince people to try out – succeeded when Alex Ovechkin chose out of the entire star of the week. Ovie was the only contestant to split triple figures in 2018, winning with 101.3 mph blast.

We would like to see Shea Weber and Zdena Chara flown for the event as specialists.

"There are nuts. As soon as he and Shea Weber seized their shots, [they went] Altogether another link from anyone else, "said John Carlson." It's incredible as those guys can bring it. "

Of the four fire preparations (Carlson, Steven Stamkos, Brent Burns and Seth Jones), Carlson won easily, mounting the most difficult (102.8 mph) and second harder (100.8 mph) sticks with his 100-inch weapon.

"I just tried to shoot it as hard as I could," said Carlson, breaking his complex strategy.

It's simple, kids.

The NHL learned how to fix Puck Control

New gimmick introduced at the last year's championships in Tampa, the Puck Control-obstacle course ran in an uncomfortable moment when several contestants fought to win the puck with high windows.

This year, an arbitrator dropped a fresh hot blow before the flip-and-coke obstacles. (Cold use used is more difficult to handle) Problem solved. Science triumphs again.

The beautiful Patrick Kane (28,611) crossed through the course and was only completed by the event's final contestant, Johnny Gaudreau at 27.045. Claude Giroux finished third.

Gaudreau believed he had a little advantage taking part in the same event last year, but when he knocked the push in the ten, he thought he was losing.

"Caning is still a player I'm looking for today and trying to learn and take a few things from his game, so it's great," he said.

Matthews wins crowd, but not Precision-shooting

David Pastrnak may have won the Precision of Scrapping, taking away the five goals in a clear 11.3 seconds, but latterly finishing Auston Matthews overcame the San Jose fans by removing his Maple Leafs sweater to reveal Patrick Marleau's main wrestler veter he pressed for the competition .

A nice little ode to a long-standing Shark and a father's figure, who had a simple text message waiting for Matthews when he left the ice: "Thank you. That was awesome."

"I can not explain how well he is, and how close we are in our relationship," said Matthews. "I like to mock him and encourage him and say he is like a second dad to me. He does not like it. He is like my brother.

"He treats everyone so well. It does not matter who you are – a casual person on the street or teammate who plays with him – he treats all as kindly".

Let's just pass the Premier Passer

Yes, wise parents tell their children that help is as good as an object.

But watching players pass sticks into objects for two minutes can grow tedious, it does not matter how sweet the sauce is.

In the capacity of last year, Drew Doughty fought hard. It might be easier for him to pass a kidney stone.

"I hate it," said Doughty. "I may have to do it again this year. I'm just talking about it."

(Of course, the defender replaced his way to Precise Shooting).

Leon Draisaitl de Edmonton won the challenge by completing all passions efficiently 1:09.

"That was an event that was difficult. Really, really hard," said McDavid.

"Leo, I know, was nervous. I said," You are one of the best passers in the game. You could easily do it. "And he proved tonight."

Great night for the representatives of Alberta, who went three for three.

The King reigns superior

Henrik Lundqvist affirmed his Royal status in the Save Streak, a contest in which the leader, who is making the most consecutive step, stops hitting the money.

The eight straight stops of Andrei Vasilevski entered round, until Lundqvist took the net and turned off a dozen shooters.

"It's a bit scared when you are very much," confessed the King. Relaxing and stylish as ever, it's tangible as the veteran drinks in his fifth heavenly appearance.

"When you practice for one hour and you'll stay there for 50, 60 steps, then you're tired. Today you sit there and watch and enjoy the show. It's fun."

Although Marc-Andre Fleury was unable to defend his crown – the Flower stopped 14 therefore during the debut of the championship last winter – he stole the brilliants.

As Elvis Presley's "Las Vegas" Vegas (Fleury pet) shouted through the speakers, the acrobatic Fleury made a tragic old school to Mikko Rantanen and threw the slices to complete Mira Heiskano's test.

You want more Gritty? You get more Gritty!

The NHL is ready for milk from its meeting celebrity for everything he was worth.

Gritty, the only mascot, who lives in the dirty areas, swung his head to the red carpet, and Sharky exploded into a all-powerful fastest Skater contest.

"He has a good fight indeed, Gritty," said Brent Burns.

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