Thursday , June 17 2021

Overwatch artist creates an incredible Lunar New Year concept for Widowmaker

Supervisor and artist Antonio Demico have gone through a wonderful Moon New Year's concept that is perfectly perfect for Widowmaker.

Demico made a cup of an excellent overwatch concept of art before, most of which are on his Twitter page.

The inspiration for his newest art comes from the Chinese folktale "Legend of the White Serpent" (白蛇傳), in which a serpent becomes a woman because she falls in love, which Demico thought completely contrary to what happened. to Widowmaker and her husband.

For those who do not know, Widowmaker assassinated his own husband after being cheated and turned into a murder by Talon, so the name Widowmaker &

Antonio Demico

The skin may be one of the best of Demico yet, since it has all sorts of serpents and scales everywhere, and Widow itself looks like a blanket.

Her rifle also got an upgrade, with the same of white and serpent patterns that the skin makes, along with a cool coat stock.

Delay even redesigned the Widow's back tattoo to go along with the serpent skin issue.

Antonio Demico

Widowmaker acquired Luna New Year's skin called "Black Lily" in 2018, but fans would probably not watch if she got another, especially if it looked so good.

The event of Luna New Year of Overwatch began on January 24 and goes until February 18, which is Monday after the first weekend of the Overwatch League

Although Widow (unfortunately) did not get new skin this year, Demico did not let him create one of the best Widowmaker skin concepts we've ever seen.

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