Tuesday , January 19 2021

POV Podcast: Silken Laumann on mental health among athletes

One of Canada's most famous Olympics has an answer considering the thorny question – why is it so hard for athletes to talk about mental health?

Silken Laumann claims that it is simply because the athletes are tough.

Making it in the high performance world means years and years of "no excuses, sucking it, grit it and providing a day" mentality … So, playing one blow job on the mental health issue is the exact opposite of everything they know.

Makes no sense? Rigidity is justified.

Silken and the host of the actor's own voice, Anastasia Bucsis, also take a moment to rise to the most recognized importance of de-training – the process of ramping from go-go-go fitness to a more ordinary, competitive life.

These couples go three on three important but not deprived subjects – taking another chance to consider the strangely mixed emotions of achieving the goal.

Athletes may spend decades tuned to a single event – a medal in one competition or another. The goal gives life its shape and structure. So, if everything is great and the dream comes true … the success of a medal goes away … so what?

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