Sunday , July 25 2021

Protestants support Canada workers, block post

Twelve protesters met at the B.C. legislature supported to postal workers on Saturday, as others blocked e-mail moving and one of the most commercial mobile phones.

Canada Post has said that protesters outside the facility in Mississauga, Ont., Unlawful court order, and the Body corporation "are considering all available legal options."

The protesters are mostly members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, acting in solidarity with postal workers who have been leavers again to work last week.

The legislation behind was on Monday, following weeks of rotation strikes by the Canadian Union of Workers.

CUPE said 19 protests were planned throughout the country this weekend, including in Victoria, Vancouver, Kelowna and Prince George. Demands near postal installations will allow the workers to enter but not leave an email from the plants, said.


Police snippets a gap of disabled blockade at Canada Posts & Gateway Postal Facility, after union groups and activists blocked truck traffic to and from the ease in support of Canadian workers who recently had been lawyer back to the federal government, in Mississauga , Ont., Saturday, December 1, 2018. THE CANADA PRESSO / Cole Burston – LA CANADIANA PRENO / Cole Burston

The CUPE Ontario branch said protesters in Mississauga served by order, but they still planned to prove in solidarity with the mails.

On a statement Saturday afternoon, Canada Post said that it had contacted police officers and considered its possibilities to deal with the protests.

"We have contractual obligations to our customers, and also legal obligations to make an important mail received from all Canadians," said the Corporation.

"We have asked for help to the police and we are considering all available legal elections."

Assignments were also issued by courts in Alberta and British Columbia, forbidding any obstacles or interruptions with people or vehicles entering or leaving Canadian Canadian Mail.

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