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Recap & # 39; RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 4 & # 39 ;: Latrice Royale returns – but is she successful?

WAnd know well From now on what happens to Ruĝo de RuPaul queens who return to the competition after being eliminated before: they are eliminated again. At best, they usually surround one more episode, probably winning in the safe group. But do not make a mistake: they can not overcome, and elimination is around the corner.

Latrice Royale, Season 4 and All Stars 1 veteran, turns her back to All Stars 4 Workshop this week after gaining his way back in frustrating, lip-shaped heavy episode.

She is trying to break the remainder's curse. She knows that it is how she puts it, "a girl's ewe that returns, and they return home." Is it really this cute queen to be the first? Surely she can win the challenge, hit and make a real course at the crown?

Credit: Kevin O & Keeffe / Xtra

The challenge of this week is one of my favorite season, and for a completely new invention All Stars 4. The top seven queens are tasked to design, build and execute club concepts in teams. It's a hell of demand: they must actually build the space, come with a signature cocktail, add a game to play in the evening, then host the judges for a "nightclub" club. It's basically a Drag race version of Top chefThe beloved of the Warm Wars challenges where teams have to go with restaurants and deliver dinner.

What I love most about this challenge is that it reminds the original thesis Drag race A defensive design, which was about reflecting some part of Ru's career. The club scene was integrated to the rise of Ru, and Drag race There will still be ways to try this in any significant way. This new challenge becomes a fantastic showcase for the queens, with the most rising to the occasion and even the smallest queens are scarcely hit.

Lawyer Royale captures the teams as the returning queen, and she wisely chooses to work with BFF Manila Luzon and technically perfect competitor Trinity "Taylor" the Tuck. Together, they come with Club Hive's bees, and only totally strike the challenge. Manila comes with a fantastic design, complete with sixteen ways to remember panels on the wall. The black and yellow costume of the trio complements the adornment, their honeycomb cocktail is a success and their strip-liter bee is the perfect game element. They even intelligently include the judges in the bee. It's a home race of the team of older queens.

Unfortunately for Manila, the judges believe that despite great design, Manila does too much during the direct presentation and she denies the challenge to win. Instead, the spellchecking of the maid Trinity and grandmother latrine serves as the best two queens of the week. The triumph of the Triangle is more clearly for the challenge, while I think Latrice's freeway puts her over the top. It's a surreal sidebar, remembering some kind of sea. It is unusual, high impact and easily the best thing Latrice has ever been carrying on in any season Drag race.

Latrice's redemption comes quickly, because she fulfills the previously impossible, but as Monét X Change notes, her trip has not finished. "You must be in the top every week," says the Queen of New York during the episode's introduction, and she is right. If Latrice even drops into the bottom once again, the upper queens will have a reason to send their home. She has to do it for the next two weeks without a flaw to make it to the final.

(Left to right) Latrice Royale, Trinity The Tuck, and Manila Luzon Credit: Courteous VH1

Speaking about Monet, she and her Season 10 sister Monique Heart make a great show with her club, The Black Hole. The club's design is strong, only external space and strange to work, but where the couple really sells it is in their chemistry. Of all the teams, the two work together the best, interchangeing each other in the design and their presentation. I would like to go to their club at night, and I think they should work together professionally as much as they can.

However, I can not say the same for Naomi Smalls and Valentina. While Naomi mostly gets this week well (saves unconnectedly unlucky tracks) Valentina really screwed the pooch. She comes with the concept for their Club 96 – it likes 69, but the people are too hard to look at each other – and that's about it. She comes to the club's work space in an absurd, non-faceted suit, while Naomi proves to work with jeans. Instead of helping Naomi join with a script for the club, she is going to chat with the other teams.

Valentine's indispensable show shows during her presentation, while she and Naomi strive on the other lines and act untrue. Even their costumes show the difference in their prepared levels, Naomi's wit is fabulous and Valentina is purple. The only thing about the club that really works is their insistence on whispering "Club 96" every minute or so. It's just dumb and weird enough to be fun.

Valentina weeps Credit: Courteous VH1

The writing is on the wall for Valentina every episode. She simply does not work enough to work with a teammate in these team challenges; There is a lack of seriousness about Valentina, which is fun, until it's time to get down to copper trenches. She also failed in the similarly constructed television challenges during Season 9, where she and Nina's Mrs. Nina Brown Nina & Tina It was a non-starter. (That was the challenge of which she disembarked to the bottom two, did not know the words to "Brave", and, well, the rest is herstical).

In addition, the other girls just seem to stop taking Valentina seriously. She returns monologues about her fancy at the opening segment, and her same queens laugh at her. "She could only stay at home and live the fantasy!" Monique says, which, although funny, is also very accurate. Valentina not only competes at the level of these other queens (which, you could say that Naomi is not, but "Adrenaline"It's a long way to fix that.) It's not right to keep it around it, clearly, it's the worst part of the crop left. Thanks for discussions, Valentina breaks up all the season. You can say she knows it It's her time, and the fantasy finally crashes. Her huge credit, she will not throw Naomi under the bus to Trinity, even because her Season 9 sister requests a reason to keep her. Latrice, meanwhile, finds out how difficult it is to make an elimination decision – but finally remove Valentina

It's a sad moment, especially because I feel we'll never hear Valentina ever – oh, wait, no, she is Luo: Live She will be fine on Sunday. Valentina is a star, and does not stop her at all.

? Valentina makes reference to the unlimited rumor that she demanded a red M & M of locations after Season 9. As a joke about Maskgate during the Rostita Lady Bunny, it is not only landing. Alaska showed All Stars 2 That these types of references can kill the judges, but they must be perfectly sculpted to make the judges enjoy.

? As I have been speculating on last week, the toddler work chat shows that really really no plot left for this season. Rough, considering that we still have three episodes to go.

? Beams to Trinity to resign one of his awards to Manila in recognition of all the work Manila has done. It does a good moment, and slightly relieves the Trinity. Such things go a long way with the Drag race fandom.

? Sister says Valentina something pretty handsome during discussions when Val exclaimed: "If you show your emotion, you are not at all." This is a lesson that someone can worry about, and I really hope Valentina does. She does not need to be the perfect character all the time.

? Naomi is really fun all the episode, not to take Valentina up his offer to carry the same absurd suit, most of his clubs 96 one side. "Isaac Mizrahi – before executive! "It made me cry. It seems she might come, but I'll really miss her when she goes away.

? I always love to hear "Jealous of My Boogie", one of the best songs of RuPaul and the theme of Season 2. It happens at Club 96, which is going to improve Club 96.

? The gas judges this week are Rita Ora and Susanne Bartsch, and to my joy, both are terrible! Rita is a lot of fun during the club scenes. Perhaps my favorite moment: when she asks for the $ 100 she has won at The Black Hole, Monet says she will come to her. Susanne, on the other hand, really shows why she's a legend in the nightlife, with sharp, punctual critics. She also dresses for the gods, and looks impeccable. (She's 67!) I would say she was there with Jenifer Lewis and Cecily Strong among the best gas judges of the season.

? Oh, yes, the lip is synchronized. God, I wanted to avoid talking about it. For some reason, Trinity leaves in old acquisition with saggy boobs for Dead or Alive "You Spin Me Round (As Record)." Yes, the lips synchronize male vowels! Anyway, the terrible and latrines of Trinity are not much better, just as Moniko convinces us that her rolling on the ground is quite worthy. Latrice basically wins not to be the worst. Bad end to another good episode.

RuPaul & Drag Race All Stars 4 returns on Friday, February 1, at 8 p.m. ET on VH1 in the US and OUTV in Canada.

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