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Recap: Do not call it Comeback – Leaves lose 5-4 in OT

For the first time this year, the Toronto Maple Leafs will play with them Fully Operating Battalion Station best possible line. Why? Oh, maybe you did not hear that WILLIAM NYLANDER had signed up with the lions and played his first game.

Willy's enthusiasm and the fans are excited and the coach starts out and Dubas gets excited and his companions are excited and Fulemin and Arvind return to Emocita.

Maybe Willy can help Sparks take this inscription to even greater heights.

Let's do this.


We were treated with an epic game intro … Unfortunately I said a game intro? I mean an epic entry from NYLANDER. Play with my William-based emotions, Sportsnet. I'm here for it!

[20:00 to 15:00]

Nylander watches when the leaves start with the Tavares line, and we're leaving! Nothing happens in the change, and HERE WE GO WILLY JUMPS IN THE ICE! He was a little sorry and did not groan that I heard it, so it's nice. And just how they're back from … Babs you're tease 🙁

Nylander looks not much in this game soon. I do not think Nylander has seen a game in a network yet this game, and it's more than 3 minutes in the game. Willy looks like the fourth line got a good chance from Lindholm, but his shot attempt was partially blocked and it went wide.

With the Tavares line jumping on, Nylander is able to see a good score and our first shot in a network before the four-minute brand. Then he jumps and gets vintage Willy: taking the push into a clean zone, circulates the belt, and will make a cross-ice pass through the shot.

Nylander retires for the third line, and he sees a tic-tac play game Kadri to Johnsson to Gardiner to Kapanen for the wallpaper. 1-0 Leaves!

[15:00 to 10:00]

Just after Nylander sees the game through the 15-marchmark, Fulemin's curse hurts the Leaves. After making a joke earlier today about a Jonathan Ericsson winning a hat, WHAT DOES SCORIT HERE? Ericsson got a net point shooting that got partially considered Sparks. Nylander shakes his head now … 1-1 tie.

Proof of Fulemin's Treason:

Maybe after a little by little, Alas flashes ice and Glendening, the fourth man for the Alas, catches some broken game … Mitch Marner seemed to be the Leaf that he had to choose from. up. On the repetition it seems that he was seized on the boards before in the game of Glendening, which led him to be late back up the ice. 2-1 Alas.

Not long after the Leaves get a powerful opportunity. PP1 could not get something, in fact they were a nice butt. In order not to be extraordinary, PP2 comes and is a fast mega butt. Their best chance came to a Nylander zone gateway and sauce crossed ice to Ennis for a point shot.

[10:00 to 5:00]

Nylander begins to get his legs under him, except when he is driving a Wings player with both of them crashing and refraining him with them.

Marner makes his magic move through the neutral zone, creating 3 at 2. You will be shocked to hear that he has passed over to Tavares, who has taken a tap from the circle for Bernier's easy recovery. One of these days Marner is going to take that shot and half of the GTA will have a heart attack.

Oof, Leaves almost resign to another purpose. Ozzie had this strange scratch / release that mocked Matthews. The Wings got the point shooting and in the next crack Sparks made two pretty rescues. The fourth line jumped and fell in its own end.

Leaves look like they have slept during the last time.

[5:00 to Fin]

The third line is hunting and LIVE! Kappy generates a shooting from the top, and in the next bracket Kadri rang it from the cross. Poor Naz … he is again in his serpent phase.

With Nylander's line, he makes a difficult and sharp step towards Matthews, who threw himself off with Jensen, when he cut back into the middle of the ice to draw attention. Leaves back to the PP with an opportunity to tie it. The PP1 unit managed to get some area, but did not have quality options. After one minute, the Nylander Unit jumped on the ice to … the same lack of success.

The fourth line took place after the end of the PP and Connor Brown had a great opportunity, but could not get a pretty good shot that was injured blocked. And just after the Leaves take a penalty. In fact, they did not! Because in the late punishment Nyquist had a roof over Sparks, which was in a strange steep position, maybe looking forward to a step or near-side shot? Only 12 seconds left in the period as well … 3-1 Alas.

First Period Thoughts

The good one

The bad ones:

  • Outscored 3-1, and not exactly looked unhappy
  • Willy looked like a guy who was not in a practical / training camp / NHL game this year, apart from some pretty little steps or zones.
  • The Leaves had a terrible period when it turned to a poor and poor defense zone coverage, both of which contributed strongly to …
  • 7 high danger gaining opportunities to Wings at 5v5 to Leaves 4, and it shows:

Half Length

[20:00 to 15:00]

The Kadri line begins the period, and they have a decent change thanks to the forgetfulness of Kapanen and Kadri. The Tavares line follows with another good change. The Matthews line takes place and after Nylander sticks a sting and helps set Marleau for an opportunity (that was blocked).

Just after that, Athanasiou broke out a partial break that Sparks made a good cushion as well. The Leaves glazed her hand after twice, and Nylander looked slightly gassed a little before he could finally take off the ice.

[15:00 to 10:00]

The Leaves then take care of a long movement with Tavares and with the ice. The Kadri line returns to have a great change, remaining in the zone of Wings and not letting them fly when they have had an opportunity. They simply could not get a good score.

Then the Tavares line came and created some good opportunities. Mitch had the blow in the groove but his shot was blocked. Hainsey accompanied the puck, but knocked her wrist. They lose ground on the firings on a net, but they seem quite equal due to the tests in my eyes. Unfortunately, Marner caught hold, but at least they did not win before they could touch the blow.

[10:00 to 5:00]

The Leaves have killed the punishment … that's good! Mike Green won a fleet shot from the right point after Marner left the box … that's bad. 4-1 Alas.

And the game goes from bad to worse, because the current piece Niklas Kronwall put a cheap bow, hitting Matthews most rarely on the boards in the corner. Absolutely shameful fixed success. Perhaps everyone will sleep to be plagued by rabbit bows until his last breath.

Matthews, thankfully, seemed to be fine, jumping on the ice with PP1 after the second unit began the power. They get a good chance on Kadri's top point that Bernier stopped. Matthews got a good shooting of the position Bernier partially stopped. They do not score, and just after the PP finishes, Kadri had GLORA an option forward that he could not get a firing shooting when he fell, but the net was open to him.

[5:00 to Fin]

Leaves seem to have some life at least, thinking positive! Who makes it a time for Lindholm to get a pity … groan. They were grateful to kill it, but with a few minutes left in the period they did not really put together a concerted offensive effort.

Nylander gives them a chance after Kronwall's fault. The period ends with the Leaves still less 4-1, but with more than one minute of PP time the third will begin.

Second period of thoughts

This game is a butt. The Leaves look like a butt. Their PP looks like a butt. The Red Wings are butt but still big. Kronwall is but. It's all buttons here!

The Leaves had more attempts about shooting during this period, but many were blocked (they actually had only 5 shots on goal in the period) b) those that were not blocked were unsuccessful opportunities, and c) they still lost the winners chances of fighting at 5v5.

Thirtieth century

[20:00 to 15:00]

We're back, with the leaves still in the PP. A goal here would be a nice sign that a return is not outside the question … just sayin & Also, it could not happen, because the Leaves never achieved a good success. Their PP was chopped, or the Wing DC was good (hahahaha).

The Kadri line with Kapanen was the best aspect in the game, and they had another good change. We're beginning to see Babies throw Rielly away with Gardiner on the same change, and it works! Rielly enters the belt and he eats Tavares for a wide open opportunity that he does not lose, because he swings it up a breeze to make it a two-game game. 4-2 game.

Babies follow the goal with Johnsson – Matthews – Kapanen line … double-changing Matthews or his wings? You tell me! Nylander is out with Kadri and Marleau later, I do not know who moved and moved.

The Wings begin to look at a little boat and now, and the Leaves begin to get more opportunities and have maintained offensive pressure. The Tavares line had a great opportunity, with both Hyman and Tavares unable to make the choice in maritime pass. The crowd enters it, the Leaves look to have their legs and the Wings go into a turtle.

[15:00 to 10:00]

The Matthews line with its new wings had a great opportunity in its next change, with Matthews and Rielly playing to go and go to an electric tip that ends with Rielly slowly disappeared the upper corner. Leaves everywhere over the Wing with 6 shots in a goal in less than 6 minutes, and some more qualities.

We see the Gardiner and Rielly together along the Tavares line, and they continue to look more dangerous this period. Out of sting that D-pair stays out, but Matthews's line adheres to them.

Sparks had to take care of the Alasks attempt to push it up, holding it at two goals. And it worked! The Tavares returns again, Marner's excellent play by entering the belt. Ozzie had the point shooting and Hyman on the rebound makes it one goal game! 4-3 with half a period to play!

[10:00 to 5:00]

TIE GAME !!!!!!! Babcock's magic section did wonderful things. A nice step to start speed led to Matthews in the area. He takes a shot that fails, but bounces Johnsson soon, which makes a real nifty little chip on Bernier's shoulder. It's all right now! 4-4 tie!

The game seemed a bit even after the equal goal, with the Wings again rewarding a number of opportunities, but the Leaves did not return to their slow ways earlier in the game.

[5:00 to Fin]

Many end to end, but not maintained at time and no sting. Kronwall deals with Brunon trying to fight sting but no punishment. However, Brown struggles strongly and the Leaves last a few zones around Kadri and strengthen a sting.

We did not see Willy in the past, Babs might sit on him to catch his breath for OT or the shooting. His minutes fell by points for each period.

Marner almost caught Bernier by means of a surprise with the pistol of the boards. Bernier became an exhaustive salvation, because he had to crush his arms to avoid it. We have a minute left with the game linked.

Outside a defensive zone, they run a game game, and Brown is kidnapping for a waste that Bernier stops. Just after that the Wings lowered and a point shot shot on BOTH posts with 10 seconds, and Rielly saved a goal by rejecting Larkin's bounce over the net. Yeesh … Out to 3 on 3 Extra time we're going!

Third Period Thoughts

And they did! Much better for the Leaves. Babboko tinted with the lines and couples, and he got his energy. They tried the Ways 31 to 18 that period, and while Sparks had to make some good savings, the Leaves had some good bounces to go on their way (thanks based posts).


A bit crucial back and forth to start without shots coming from it. On the turn of the Wings Sparks had to do a solid except save a post to post on Larkin. He had to make a good attack against another Alaska accident to the front who injured marching Marleau in a partial rupture on the other hand that Bernier had saved.

This is like the polar opposition to the workout against Buffalo. Many end to end sketching, changes of ownership and opportunities for each team.

And the back and back end is over with Larkin's goal. Tavares reserve led Larkin to wake up the ice as he flew on the pause, and he beat Sparks for the purpose as an opposed player restored to open an unclear inexpensive shot.

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