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Second murder, killing of sentences in the killing of a Ottawa journalist / photographer

TORONTO – Two men accused of killing a promising music journalist and photographer by Otavulo Zack Noureddine were found guilty of second-grade murder and murder respectively by a jury after less than a day of discussions.

Patrick Smith wiped out tears after the jury rescued him of first-grade murder but guilty of a second fatal kill. Mateo Moreira also pretended to be displeased after he was acquitted for murder but was convicted of the smallest but included an offense of killing in the bite of the 25th anniversary victim on December 29, 2015.

Smith was also convicted of an assault on the Noureddine, Mitchell Conery's friend, while Moreira was convicted of stealing Conery.

"I am disappointed, as I hoped, that both would be convicted of murder," said Zack's father, Hassan, who lost his firstborn son to violent motivation for violence.

Hassan Noureddine before painting his son, Zack Noureddine. Zack Noureddine was killed in Toronto.

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"Our hope is that the judge sees it appropriate to give these assassin the longest possible sentence. I hope the judge recognizes theft as an extremely pleasant factor in this crude crime," said Hassan, a programmatic engineer and father of three children.

"It's not Zack they've been targeting – it could be anyone." I could have been a Canadian citizen and Zack just paid the price to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, "said Hassan.

"Zack was a very kind and generous young man who used to feed homeless homes he had seen on the streets," said Hassan. "He was a people who had tens of friends who all thought him best friend.

"It's the worst thing in the world to do for a father to bury a child."

Corona assumed that Smith, Moreira and Will Cummins made a first-degree murder killing Noureddine while at the same time stealing and illegally interrupting Conery.

Smith, 28, pleaded guilty to murder while Moreira, 34, pleaded guilty to try a robbery. Those guilty complaints were rejected by Corona.

Corona claimed that it was intentional murder: a thin blow made during the victim was illegally limited.

Cummins-powered Conery, who lost his glasses and remained on the ground while Noureddine was killed. Moreira put his foot on Conery and said, "Give me the purse and we have become," a court heard. Conery had no coins.

Cummins and Smith clutched on Noureddine, stumbling and kneeling at him. Smith also beat the victim in his head. A small neck-collar, which was between the thickness of axis or nickel, was scratched, spreading artery and causing fatal bleeding, a court heard.

Each more than one of the witnesses attended only two men attacked Noureddine while Moreira stood next to Conery, a court hearing.

The beating ended after patrons from the nearby St. Louis Bar and Grill shouted and came to the aid of the victim, but the lethal damage had already been done.

Cummins, Smith and Moreira drank a lot and smoked marijuana while Smith also consumed cocaine that night, the trial was said.

Cummins will have his own trial the next year when he shot his lawyer after the first trial that ended in systhesis last year.

Noureddine moved from Ottawa to Toronto some years earlier to deal with his dream dreams.

Justice Suhail Akhtar condemns the two murderers on March 29.

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