Tuesday , January 26 2021

Secret Santa Pays Out of $ 430,000 By Layaway Items at Walmart – Turns Out It Was Tyler Perry

Christmas came early for hundreds of families thanks to Tyler Perry.

Earlier this week, the actor and filmmaker paid all the items in two Walmarts in his city of Atlanta, Georgia.

Between the two stores, Perry ended up paying $ 432,635 worthwhile values. All the lucky traders have to pay one centenary at the time of choosing to take their items home.

Although the movie star attempted to make the good act anonymously, he says that unforeseen circumstances revealed him as the Secret Saint.

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"Happy Christmas to all!" Perry commented on Twitter video formally announcing the gesture. "I know it's difficult, many people fight, and I'm really really grateful that I can be able to do that."

Among the thousands of followers praising Perry for their kindness, the Walmart Twitter page responded to the video of saying: "Anonymous or not, we hope you know that you have just made Christmas for so many families. You've been going up and beyond. Thank you."

(TheLook Perry's announcement video below) – Photo of Tyler Perry

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