Saturday , July 31 2021

Seth Rollins Speeches About His Survivor Series Tour and Future Plans

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Photo by Marc Pfitzenreuter / Getty Images

Seth Rollins just appeared on the Greg Atoms Display on 1130-KWKH to talk about various things. You can see the highlight of the interview below and also a link to look at the whole thing.

I can not speak of him, but for me he is very respected, he is something I admired from afar. To be able to enter the ring with him, try me against him, really find out how good I am. It deals with, he was a great opponent and I was glad that we were successful in the first success.

I have already experienced something with my successful school back home in Iowa. I think when I go out of the way and my ring career is likely to be, at least take a few years away and relax slightly. You know, but who knows I always like to give back to the business. It was my passion, as you said, my whole life. So it's definitely something that I feel I'll be involved on the one hand as I can.

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