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Sounders FC opens new chapter in club history, as 11 families with deep Seattle roots join the Rave Green Ownership group


SEATTLE, WASH. – In a major club announcement on Tuesday morning, Seattle Sounders FC opened a new era in its 45-year history as the organization unveiled 11 new families who join the club's Ownership Group. Representing diverse backgrounds and experiences, all 11 families have direct connections to Seattle, bringing rich expertise to the Rave Green in sports, entertainment, technology, broadcasting, finance and many other fields.

This new investor group is led by a former Microsoft executive Terry Myerson and his wife Katie Myerson, combining a talented set of families that includes a Grammy Award-winning musical icon Ciara and Seattle Seahawks six-time Pro Bowler and Super Bowl winning quarterback Russell Wilson, A Seattle-bred hip hop superstar Macklemore and his wife Tricia Davis, in addition to several families representing Microsoft's presence and past. This group includes CEO Satya Nadella and wife Anu Nadella, Chief financial officer Amy Hood and husband Max Kleinman, Corporate Vice President for Experiences and Devices Joe Belfiore and his wife Kristina Belfiore, as well as former Microsoft CEO and current Managing Director of Madrona Venture Group Soma Somasegar and wife Akila Somasegar. Like many of his companions, Chee Chew brings extensive experience to Rave Green of the Seattle te community technology community, with the current Chief Product Officer at Twilio representing Amazon, Google and Microsoft at the management level, all in the area. He comes to the club with a wife Christine Daddy, President of the Bellevue School Board.

David Nathanson and wife Sabina Nathanson It is also part of Sounders FC's new investor group. Nathanson is no stranger to the sports or football worlds, overseeing all of FOX Sports Media Group's national sports networks – including its investments in soccer, FOX, FS1 and FOX Soccer. Like Nathanson, Brian McAndrews brings a wealth of media experience to Rave Green, previously serving as CEO of Pandora, CEO of aQuantive, Senior Vice President of Microsoft Advertising and Publishing Solutions, Executive Vice President of ABC Television Production and Executive Vice President and CEO of ABC Sports. He is joined by a wife Elise Holschuh, who currently serves on the strategic committee of Hugo House. The new group of partners is also introducing Mark and Tomoko Agne, with the first working as a Managing Partner at Softbank Investment Advisors, was previously a partner at Goldman Sachs.

A full list of biosafety members of Sounders FC's new Ownership Group can be found below.

This new group of partners joins Sounders FC's existing Ownership Adrian Hanauer, Drew Carey and Jody Allen. As part of today's news, Hanauer Football – a group made up of Adrian Hanauer, Paul Barry and Lenore Hanauer – increased its total investment in the club.

"Today, we are starting another chapter in the story of Seattle Sounders FC, this proud club that means so much to so many people," said Sounders FC majority owner Adrian Hanauer. "We are doubling down on this community and deepening our local roots. Sounders FC was born right here in Seattle, and over 40 years ago, the club has removed a significant and profound heritage. Today's news is testimony to what our community has accomplished. , as 11 new families joined the wider Sounders family as fans and investors of our club. "

Hanauer continues, "This diverse, passionate group of new partners wants to continue to develop the club's community-first approach, while also promoting its proud tradition on the field. Collectively, we believe that Seattle is the largest city in the world. and that Sounders FC has a responsibility to keep the unique spirit of our region at the same time leading our community by fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment for all. On behalf of our entire Sounders family, I want to extend a proud and warm welcome to our club's new partners.

  • MEDIA NOTE: Hanauer is scheduled to address today's news with working members of the press later today at 2:00 pm. PT in The NINETY, the Pioneer Square space of Sounders FC (406 Occidental Avenue S., Seattle WA, 98104). Media is requested to arrive at 1:30 p.m. PT for staging, and must contact Sounders FC Communications members to RSVP and receive parking and entry instructions. In the coming days, details will be announced about a subsequent event with some new club partners.

As part of today's news, Joe Roth, founder of Sounders FC, announces his departure from the club. A leader behind Seattle's successful 2007 MLS expansion bid and the 2009 launch of the team that saw Seattle set a new standard for football support in North America, Roth was instrumental with his ambition and vision, helping to lay the foundation of a club that has earned more. matches. than any other team in MLS for the past 10 seasons. The Hollywood producer has bagged six major trophies in his time as Sounders FC Owner, including four Lamar Hunt US Open Cups (2009-2011, 2014), the 2014 Shield Fans, in addition to the organization's first MLS Cup in 2016 His effort for a show has been critical in building the club's profile, helping land influential players such as the United States Men's National Team forward Clint Dempsey.

"When MLS gave me permission to look at the Pacific Northwest to start a football franchise, there was no question that Seattle was the place," Roth said. "The last ten years of watching our bellies grow with their incredible fan support has hit a hit movie I've ever created. I love the team, from the players to the staff, and most of all I love the fans. When they write the history book of football in America, it was Seattle that pushed our game to be perceived as a first-level sport. You did it! I will be louder until I die. Thanks Adrian, Drew, Paul and Jody Allen, as well as the new partners. it's just getting started. "

Says Hanauer de Roth's contributions to football in Seattle, "Joe was the inspiration of Sounders FC as we know it. He came to the Northwest, chose Seattle, decided on his partners, and I was fortunate to be one of those partners. His vision, movement, partnership, his concern for the community and our fans, delivering a first-class experience, ethos and product – he was the lynchpin for putting this whole thing together and for that I will forever be grateful. Joe thought big about this club. . And, obviously, with his Hollywood background and knowing that we attend shows – part of our job is to deliver a show on Saturday night – he had a great view in that regard. I'm very proud to be his partner. "

Listed below, Sounders FC's new Ownership Group families are among the best and brightest in a number of industries, including sports, entertainment, music, technology, broadcasting, finance, education and many other paradigms.

  • Russell Wilson & Ciara – Ciara and singer Grammy Award winner Ciara and husband Russell Wilson, a six-time NFL Pro Bowler and Super Bowl-winning quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks, have made the Pacific Northwest their home and join the Sounders FC Ownership Group as they consolidate their dedication to Seattle and the power of sports in the community.
  • Soma & Akila Somasegar – Excited to join the Sounders FC community, Soma and Akila Somasegar bring a variety of tehological, financial and philanthropic experiences to the Rave Green. Formerly a senior executive at Microsoft, Soma Somasegar is currently a venture capitalist who serves as Managing Director of Madrona Venture Group. Akila Somasegar, a former finance professional, is a philanthropist serving on several local and international nonprofit boards.
  • David & Sabina Nathanson – David and Sabina Nathanson come to Sounders FC's Ownership Group, bringing David's extensive background in entertainment, television and broadcast rights. Nathanson previously served as Chief Operating Officer for FOX Sports Media Group and Chief Operating Officer & General Manager of FS1 and FS2, in addition to overseeing all FOX's global and domestic properties. As part of those efforts, Nathanson oversaw FOX's successful bid for the 2018, 2022 and 2026 FIFA World Cup rights. He is an investor and board member of NHL Seattle, and also serves on the Board for the American Football Foundation, the Sub Sub Initiative and Fan Duel Group.
  • Satya & Anu Nadella – Current Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and his wife Anu are joining Sounders FC's Ownership Group looking forward to continued investment in the region.
  • Terry & Katie Myerson – Leading forces behind the new Seattle-focused Property Group, Terry and Katie Myerson are longtime Sounders FC fans who look forward to reaching new heights with the Rave Green. Terry Myerson was previously Managing Vice President of Windows and Devices at Microsoft, now with Madrona Venture Group and the Carlyle Group.
  • Brian McAndrews & Elise Holschuh – Brian McAndrews is a seasoned veteran of the entertainment and media industries, serving as CEO of Pandora, CEO of aQuantive, Senior Vice President of Microsoft Advertising and Publishing Solutions, Executive Vice President of ABC Television Production and Executive Vice President and CEO of ABC. Sports. Elise Holschuh has retired from a marketing career and currently serves on the strategic committee of Hugo House and until recently was Chairman of the Board for a local nonprofit Path to Art.
  • Macklemore & Tricia Davis – Macklemore and his wife Tricia Davis, who are Grammy Award-winning, are Seattle natives, with the duo proudly joining the Owners Group of their hometown Sounders FC.
  • Amy Hood & Max Kleinman – Amy Hood as chief financial officer at Microsoft, the company's global financial organization. She and her husband, Max Kleinman, a former partner at Accenture, proudly joined his hometown.
  • Chee & Christine Chew – Chee and Christine Chew join the Sounders FC owner group with extensive backgrounds in the area, as Chee currently serves as Chief Product Officer at Twilio next time at Amazon, Google (Seattle / Kirkland) and Microsoft. Christine Chew has served on the Bellevue School Board since 2010 and is currently a board member. She also serves on the board of Amplio, and was previously the Managing Director of College Access Now, both Seattle's nonprofits.
  • Joe & Kristina Belfiore – Joe Belfiore, Corporate Vice President in Experience and Device Sharing at Microsoft, and his wife, Kristina, who serves on the Board of Trustees of both Rainier Scholars and Seattle Day Country School, are excited to expand their commitment to the Puget Sound area. for. joining Sounders FC Ownership Group.
  • Mark & ​​Tomoko Agne – Mark Agne is currently Managing Partner at Softbank Investment Advisors. Prior to Softbank, he was a partner at Goldman Sachs, with extensive experience in various senior leadership roles across Asia. Agne joins Sounders FC's Ownership Group along with his wife, Tomoko.

Seattle's new partners join an existing Sounders FC owner group that helped launch one of the most successful expansion franchises in North American sports history. Led by Majority Owner Adrian Hanauer, the longtime owners of Sounders FC are listed below.

  • Adrian Hanauer – The club's Owner Adrian Hanauer has been involved with the Sounders franchise since 2001, when the team played in the United Football League. His passion, dedication and vision helped bring major league football to Seattle in the form of Seattle Sounders FC in 2009, and he continued to lead the way, seeing the club to the highest winning percentage in MLS since entering the league, along with six. . major contests over the past decade.
  • Drew Carey – Passionate driver of the club Democracy in Sports pillar, Drew Carey is an original member of Sounders FC's owner group. Banner comedian turned actor and producer is considered one of the most recognizable supporters of American football.
  • Jody Allen – Representing Vulcan Sports and Entertainment on Sounders FC's Ownership Group following Paul Allen's passing last fall, Jody Allen continues his leadership role with a focus on philanthropy and conservation.
  • Paul Barry – A native of Cambridge, England, Paul Barry spent 26 years in the Pacific Northwest building companies primarily in the travel sphere, as well as raising a family in the area. Barry joined USL Sounders in 2000 as part of the club's Ownership Group, and has remained a constant presence in the organization since that time. He is also a Master of Cambridge United in the English Football Association.
  • Lenore Hanauer – In addition to being part of the Sounders FC Ownership Group, Lenore Hanauer is also a partner of Reina FC of the National Women's Soccer League. She is an active local philanthropist with a focus on the arts and environmental issues.

Adrian Hanauer, Terry Myerson, Macklemore, Ciara Wilson, Russell Wilson, Drew Carey

The driver of this new Sounders FC owner Terry Myerson has been instrumental in bringing such a diverse coalition of individuals together in an effort to become part of their hometown. A current partner at Madrona Venture Group and operations executive at the Carlyle Group, Myerson previously served as Managing Vice President at Microsoft, where he oversaw his division of Windows and Devices. Seeing Sounders FC as a pillar of the Seattle community, Myerson began joining this current group more than a year ago, a process he outlines in an open letter that was released earlier today.

"What motivated so many of us to come together was to make sure the soundtracks were owned here in Seattle for our children and for our community," Myerson said. "It was a combination of meeting people at the club, the incredible passion of the families for the club, and everything became more and more positive as we became more and more involved in the organization. The people, the staff – it's just an incredible organization. And we see the impact on the community. We just had to realize this. "

Katie Myerson said of the way that led her family to today's announcement, "We have three kids who are really passionate about football, and we spent a lot of time at Sounders games with our family. When Terry met Adrian Hanauer, one thing led to another, and the rest is history. "

Like the Myerson family, Ciara and Russell Wilson are deeply committed to Seattle, and both elicit the Myersons' feelings around today's news.

“Seattle means so much to me and to Ciara. We've been arguing that we've been part of the Sonoras for a long time, owning a property in the Sonoros and continuing to build that winning culture, "said Russell Wilson." When I arrived here in 2012, Seattle was a place I felt that I could call home forever. And obviously because of the Seahawks, and now because of the Sounders, that makes it really live. This city is a special place. Pacific Northwest is a place we love and we raise our kids here and have a lot of fun with it. We want to bring the best football players in the world here to Seattle. "

Wilson continues, "We believe this is a transformative sport. It changes the lives of peoples. It unites people from all different countries, all different worlds, all different socioeconomic statuses, all different races, all different problems in life – it It's bringing people together. That's what we're excited about this game, the Sounders, and what we can do not just in Seattle, but around the world. "

Said Ciara, "This is not only a special moment for Russ and me, but for our children as well. When we walked into the building and our kids ran around with their names on their little jerseys, it meant so much for so many reasons. It's an honor. joining the soundtracks and having the unique opportunity to represent female ownership in major league sports. The team has done some amazing things already, but I think the best is ahead and we are excited to be a part of that. "

From helping to launch the club Democracy in Sports Staying at the base at CenturyLink Field on weekdays, Owner Drew Carey has been at the Rave Green since his MLS start, and knows what the club means to the community and its fans.

Said Carey, "It's great to have fresh faces and fresh ideas in this club, and we're proud to welcome everyone in the Sounders culture. This organization has a high standard, and we're not trying to lower it and cut corners around it. I think, that everyone here is bought in. You can call it the Sounders way, and it goes in the way we play, and it is the same as our pre-directing band off the field. This is an organization that wants to win, and today we are added several new owners who believe in the same values. "

Bet on Capitol Hill and ambassador for Seattle across the globe, partner Macklemore shares Carey's respect for the Emerald City and its proud football club.

"Man, being a part of this organization, growing up in Seattle, it's pretty dominant. It's just very exciting," Macklemore said. "I'm very honored. I think we have a great team. This team is building an incredible legacy and I'm just excited to be a part of it."

Sounders FC (11-7-6, 39 points) continue their 11-3 home draw with New England on Saturdayth– consistent postseason bed. The club embarks on a two-game road stretch this week, starting with Wednesday's meeting at Real Salt Lake (11-9-4, 37 points) at Rio Tinto Stadium (19:00 PT / JOEtv, YouTube TV, 950 KJR AM , El Rey 1360 AM). Seattle then heads to Southern California for the equivalent of LA Galaxy (12-11-1, 37 points) on Saturday, August 17 at Dignity Health Sports Park (19:00 PT / ESPN2, YouTube TV, 950 KJR AM, El Rey 1360 AM).


Winner of the 2016 MLS Cup, 2014 MLS Supporters & Shield and four Lamar Hunt United States Cup Championships (2009, 2010, 2011, 2014), Sounders FC is Seattle's Biggest Football League franchise. The club received an MLS charter on November 13, 2007 and qualified for the MLS Cup Finals in all years of its existence. Sounders FC reached a milestone in 2016, as the franchise claimed its first MLS Cup championship with a road win over Toronto FC, which was followed by a second consecutive league in the league championship in 2017. Since the debut of MLS season in 2009, Sounders FC set the standard for football support in North America, leading the league in participation for eight consecutive seasons (2009-2016) and regularly ranking in the top 30 in participation among all professional teams internationally. Prior to joining MLS, the Seattle Sounders organization has been part of the greater Seattle community and US Soccer scene since 1974.

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