Thursday , June 17 2021

The stars and dogs of the Globe for the week

A comical look to the companies that have better or worse looked at our eye this week

McCormick (DOG)

For years, McCormick has made good returns for investors. Now the world's largest spice manufacturer leaves bad taste in the mouths of humans. The owner of brands including McCormick, Lawry, French, Club House and Frank's RedHot published fourth quarter revenues and revenues under estimates, citing currency effects, business inventory reductions and higher markets and charges. Who needs good spices? I have always found that nothing eaten food as a few high spoons of salt.

MKC – NYSE, USD 121.36, down 13.61 percent

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Procter & Gamble (STARO)

Do you know that a fresh, vigorous smell you get when you rub a bounce-dry leaf across the body after a practice? Well, Procter & Gamble's provision is also a pleasant pleasant aroma: giant worldwide consumer-products – which make Bounce, Tide, Crest, Pampers and scores of other brands – reported quarterly sales and income over expectations, such as product innovations and cheap prices Aid helped to overcome rising costs. Investors also enjoy a nice Restart in their portfolio.

PG – NYSE, US $ 93.60, Up 3.27 Percentage

Brands International Restaurant (STAR)

Products we can expect now that Burger King CEO José Cil was promoted to Restaurant Brands, Tim Hortons' parent: 1) Caramel Cappuccino Chicken Nuggets; 2) Flame-roasted Timbits; 3) Maple Glazed Whoppers. In a second thought, with the sale of Restaurant Brands after the company announced higher quarter quarter sales and hit its dividend by 11 percent, it may not be necessary for a radical menu innovation.

QSR – TSX, $ 83.49, up to 9.55 percent

AGF Administration (STARO)

With its long fighting and dividend cut a few years ago, AGF has given a lot of misery to investors. But on Wednesday, the reciprocal fund in fact had some new news: Not only quarterly results had won expectations, but online sales for the year ended November 30, 2018, it was $ 136 million – a great deal of redemption rates of $ 405-million a year ago. But we will not get too excited: Even after the return this week, the stock posted a total return of around a 40% negative over the past five years.

AGF.B – TSX, $ 5.52, Up 14.52 Percent

Rogers Communications (DOG)

Do Rogers Communications announce solid quarter-quarter results and raise their dividend for the first time in four years, and as investors thank the company? Bringing their price. It seems that the 4.2 percent of dividends did not seem enough enough to satisfy some investors, and Joe Natale's CEO's commentary that he did not want to "be hit into a cycle of annual dividend commitments", probably did not help. Party pooper

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RCI.B – TSX, $ 69.69, down 4.02 percent

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