GRAVENHURST, ON – Tonight's the last and best chance to watch the sky shine.

Tonight marks the third and final night to see the Perseid Meteor shower. Although the shower is coming to an end, tonight's show is supposed to be the best opportunity for viewers to catch a glimpse of the space rocks.

The shower occurs every year as the earth moves through the trace of a melting comet.

Anyone who watches, possibly hundreds of meteorites shining their way across Earth, must realize that the shower is expected to last most nights between midnight and 5:00 am.

Inside a cottage, there are many good views including one of Canada's 19 Dark Sky Preserves. The Torrance Barrens Conservation Reserve. Hundreds of people descend on the light pollution-free area about half an hour west of Gravenhurst.

According to, if there is minimal moonlight, viewers could see hundreds of meteors per hour.