Saturday , July 31 2021

Trudeau says his office just just learned about Raj Grewal's problem – National

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Saturday, he learned about Raj Grewal's Liberal MPB's problem before a week, and his office had no information that RCMP had been linked to the matter.

Raj Grewal is no longer a member of the Liberal Cause: Mark Holland's Headpost

Grewal accepted a raid on video on Friday, saying that he would pass by the party because his huge debt was repayed and he had reconsidered to resign as MP. Prime Minister Mark Holland confirmed Saturday that Grewal was no longer a member of the party.

The RCMP had previously contacted Grewal's player while investigating possible money, in an anonymous source. RCMP has declined to comment on Global News.

Liberal parliamentary The name of Raj Grewal has appeared in money on white washing: a source

Trudeau told the news conference in Buenos Aires that his office was aware that the Montes had examined Grewal, regarding a particular issue of his connection to India's prime minister's trip to India this year.

Grewal has invited construction work – who paid him for legal services – to official events with Trudeau during the trip.

The PMO realized that the RCMP asked questions related to the trip of India and that ethical research around Grewal said Trudeau.

Take a look: Trudeau says that the RCMP research on Grewal was independent

"We did not have information at this point that there was some connection to a problem of play that we had no information about," he said.

"On Wednesday last week, I was aware of Mr. Grewal's problem …". I understand that my office was aware of it in any day or so inform me. "

In his video, Grewal said he had begun to visit the Du Lac Leamy Casino in Gatineau, Ke., At the beginning of 2016, reducing personal debt in the millions of dollars playing high-class. He began to lend money from family and friends to continue playing.

Raj Grewal moves from a financial committee and absolutely not & # 39; linked to race, police test: feds

"In an average seating, I would spend 15 to 30 minutes at a table, and I earned a lot of money that made me continue to pursue the wins, or I lost a lot of money that threw me in full despair," he said.

"I want to explain that every personal loan made to me was by check. All were returned, and every loan and repayment is transparent and transferable."

The thing did not have anything related to "anything sinister" in addition to remainders, he added, as he apologized for his family to force him to expel and carry the burden with him.

The former Liberal MP Rawal resigned to "play problem": PMO

Grewal said he would forget the freedom of fault to focus his mental health and decide on his political future before the Parliament resumed in the new year.

A source with events knowledge told the Canadian Press that the RCMP looked at Grewal's casino game based on reports on unusually large financial transactions.

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