Saturday , July 31 2021

UFC-Adelaide results: Mauritius & Shogun & # 39; Red championships to defeat Tyson Pedro

During the first five minutes of the UFC Adelaide co-main event, it was felt that we were looking at one of these sad stories by a mythist champion who found himself on his career.

Mauricio "Shogun" Rua absorbed a bad beating of a young person Tyson Petro in their light heavy heavy Saturday night, seems to be a punch or two far from more than one occasion.

But the beloved "Shogun" is a legend for mixed martial arts for a reason, and one of the most fervent fighters in the history of the sport gathered for a memorable victory. The former UFC lightweight champion and PRIDE Grand Prix tourney winner won the TKO victory at Adelaide Entertainment Center at the 43th second brand of the third round.

"Tyson is a great man and a great fighter, but I had my motivation," Rua said by an interpreter after his 22nd career to stop. "This is what I love to do."

Peter was worried in the first five minutes when he disembarked a wild variety of kicks to the body, head kicks, and brutal high battles that blew "Shogun" and beat him back. Rua managed to capture Pedro and slow down her time for a long time to recover her victims and go back to the battle, though Peter continued to land at a 10-8th round border.

In the second, however, Peter appeared gassed, and did not land a single significant strike. Rua obtained Pedro to the mat and struck him by an advantageous position.

Rua continued to spill it into the third. He connected with a solid right. Peter did not fall from the force of the punch, but its knee buckled and left and hit the mat. Rua pardoned from there as a shark feeling blood and spilled it until the flight flew.

Rua is now 26-11 and has won four of his past five battles. Sydney Peter (7-3) dropped two straight and three of his past four.

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