Friday , August 12 2022

At least four deaths from a house crash in Valparaiso


At least four people died from a house collapse in Valparaiso tonight.

The emergency is recorded at the intersection of the streets Meet Huito, close to the elevator of Holy Spirit, and mobilizes at least five fire companies, as well as municipal and SAMU personnel.

As in detail Carabineros, the deceased are three adult men, while a minor male has injuries, but is without essential risk.

He Fire Commander Rodrigo Rome said that Two people were rescued and confirmed that they were trapped.

The causes of the collapse of the structure are still under investigation, and waste disposal work "will last all night," said Mayor Jorge Sharp.

The rescued people are already in medical centers, the man said Governor Mary of the Angels of Peace, who emphasized that the damaged dwelling is in "dilapidated sector" of the city.

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