Tuesday , January 26 2021

Bad Bunny revealed the particular (and curious) why he calls himself a bad rabbit TV and Shows

All our parents or grandparents have ever challenged us for any misfortune and have demanded some punishments to learn good and bad.

Just this rebellion, which had the little Benito Martinez – Bunny Bunny – would mark it forever. Did her mother never know she would cause what would be at the beginning of this musical phenomenon.

In an interview with the program The Durages of the sort, the idol of the trap confessed, among other things, the origin of his striking nickname.

The 24 year old was recently confirmed as an artist at the Vineyard 2019 Festival and was therefore a comment on social networks, with discussions among those who hated him and those who love him.

Even so, is it an interest to know why it's called "bad rabbit"? The artist himself explained that everything began in his childhood when he was sent for school activity dressed as a rabbit and he did not like it, because he was embarrassed.

In fact, he says that in his house he has a picture of that moment in which he was very angry that he was so dressed.

It was there when his mother realized that, and turned that banned suit into the best punishment. When Benito washave badly, she sent him to go to school.

Why did he adopt that name? Well, the elder's interpreter explained: "When I wanted to start this music, I used a concept that no one would call this in the history of the genre. Something different, character, brand".

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