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Capcom has revealed the release date of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne on PC


Monster Hunter World: Ice Age, the expansion of one of the most successful games of Capcom, is just around the corner, at least for players of Playstation 4 and Xbox One, when the date of departure of this new expansion was known, Capcom mentioned that they will try to bring the fastest Ice cream to PC, and that its date would be around the winter of the northern hemisphere.

Although it sounds bad, Capcom prioritized the content of Monster hunter world, in Consoles, leaving the PC platform as "second-class citizens", here's what you can see in some reviews about SteamHowever, and thanks to Koch Media, which is responsible for distributing the video game around these parts, it has confirmed at least a clear launch month for Ice cream on a computer that will arrive in January 2020.

That will obviously disappoint more than one, especially those millions of players who joined the monster hunt thanks to the summer sale of Steam, where for the first time the video game of Capcom It was an offer. Currently an exact date of departure of Iceborne on PC has not been offered, but it is believed that it should arrive within the first January 2020 days.

In Monster Hunter World Ice Cream, players who acquire this expansion can enjoy a new continent under the snow, which according to their own developers will offer both content and the same basic game, another of the things confirmed for Iceborne, will be a good amount of subspecies of the. already known monsters, but also explains that they will be harder than the originals.

Arms in Ice cream they will have a whole range of new moves and the swing will give us the opportunity to gain greater mobility in combat, in addition it has been confirmed that the G range will be back, which was much lacking from previous versions of Monster hunter, so it will add some really tough challenges for the most veteran of this game.

The new expansion of Monster Hunter: World, Ice cream, will surely reach Playstation 4 and Xbox One due September 6, 2019, and for PC players they will have to wait about 4 more months since then Ice cream It will arrive on PC in January 2020.

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