Wednesday , August 17 2022

Carmen Hertz accused official-DC political deal of "unquestionable" in Micco's election on NHRI


The Communist deputy Carmen Hertz charged "definitely" political agreement between Christian democracy and the ruling party to be chosen Sergio Micco as new director of National Institute of Human Rights (INDH) after the departure of Consolation Contreras.

The MP joined the voice of Yerko Ljubetic, a councilor who lost the election against Micco, and raised the possibility of an alliance choosing Micco.

According to PC's deputy and human rights lawyer, the departure of Consuelo Contreras creates doubts Following criticism of the government's role in the migration crisis at the northern border.

"I don't know Sergio Micco, just by name. To me what gives me no guarantee is that the director has left the middle of this attack on her and against the role of the Institute, "Hertz said.

In that line, he added that "it is clear that there has been a political agreement between the right and the sector of Christian democracy, that is beyond doubt, for Consuelo Contreras to leave and (for him not to be elected) nor Yerko Ljubetic, who possesses all the skills and qualifications to run an institute. "

DC Division

The Christian Democracy issued ca. a public statement signed by 56 leaders in which they advocate for the trajectory of their former Vice President in the field of human rights and have insisted on that Consuelo Contreras was also elected by votes in time

Tiurilate, the deputy Gabriel Silber said that "we are surprised that the former director also had the support of right-wing votes and no one has challenged or misjudged the legitimacy of her election. Today, Christian democratic status sets a different standard".

But not everyone thinks the same and the senator Francisco Huenchumilla He said that "it is precisely because he has an accreditation It does not suit me that he made a political decision to approach the director of the Institute in accordance with the law. It is precisely because of the credentials that Sergio Micco has should be prudent seeking a broader agreement with all sectors. "

Meanwhile, from the ruling party, Micco is seen as a person who has approx a more moderate vision of managing the Institute, which could be more representative.

In that sense, the deputy Javier Macaya (UDI) said that "we we have no biological affinity for obvious reasons, he was a candidate for deputy for another political sector, he is a man who is fighting in the Christian democracy. "

"I, beyond its militancy and its political ideas, are what I hope for change of attitude of the National Institute of Human Rights. I believe that Consuelo Contreras was unable to demand a seal of equality, of an agenda where not only constant criticism, but also politics, would concern the government and the political sector, "he added.

For its part, in the Human Rights Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, they ask that the NHRI not lose its role and hope to cite Micco to the instance

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