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Carola de Moras explains the truth about her "disappearance" of the National Glamorama

Author: Cristián Farías Ravanal / December 2, 2018

Carola de Moras says Glamorama Last night he was in his car with his daughter and two young nephews, very tired at home, when friends and neighbors began to send messages.

Don Francisco called her from the stage at the National Stage, in front of tens of thousands of people and television.

Mario Kreuztzberger had no answer. Only critic Sánchez told him, also on the air that Carolina was not there because she supposedly had a problem.

The episode has become the most commented on Twitter. The driver's name has risen to the top of the social network's "tendencyous theme" and there has been a wave of crazy theories about what happened to De Moras.

Carolina today has found all this and explains that it must simply be confusing. He says nothing was a problem.

He says he spent the night in Teleton and, since then, he went with his daughter and two little nephews yesterday. He did everything they asked last night at the National and that, after the entertainers hugged, he warned all the people who answered that he had retired with the children who had not given any more.

It ensures that there was no drama and everything was a good vibration. That it must be "confusion". In the heat that is being delivered last night, Don Francisco may not have warned not to present Carolina. These are his words:

What happened last night at the National?

Carolina de Moras: "I think there is a confusion that they did not notice that I left. He walked with little children and they were very tired, very sleepy. When I was already in the car, they told me that Don Francisco called me. I think they did not tell him. "

Did he warn that he had withdrawn from the National? Did you say goodbye?

"I did not tell everyone, or said goodbye by a person, because there were so many people in the back. But of course I told the people of the Teleton and the people that were on the floor and I took leave of them … I think that there is confusion and they did not tell the people who were up (on stage) from below. "

What did you think about the wave of comments and theories that appeared on Twitter after the episode?

"I came to my house to feed the kids to put pyamas, and they were not with the best (laughter) either. They were with me since the fifth hour and they were frightened.

"I was also ruined, I spent the night in Teleton, I did not sleep and I fell … In the morning I learned about Twitter and did not understand something (laughs)".

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