Monday , January 18 2021

CEP Inquiry: Joaquín Lavín is the best valued politician

The mayor of Las Condes, Joakimo Lavín (UDI), is the best valued political figure in the country with a 48 percent of a positive assessment, according to the CEP survey released on Friday.

After the previous minister, the previous President appears Michelle Bachelet (42 percent), the President Sebastián Piñera (41 percent) and the Front of Multiple Deputies Gabriel Boric and Giorgio Jackson, with 39 and 37 percent respectively.

Among those who are The president of the UDI, Jacqueline Van Rysselberghe, is the worst rated, with 49 percent, and José Antonio Kast, with 44% of rejection.

Among those who have improved their evaluation since the last measure (October 2017) are former president Bachelet and Senator Ricardo Laguna Weber, followed by Van Rysselberghe and Andrés Allamand (RN).

Meanwhile, only A politician suffered an important decline in his positive assessment: former presidential candidate Alejandro Guillier, which dropped seven points.

The measure was made between October 19 and November 25, with 1,402 people in 140 municipalities, with a sample of 3 percent and a reliable percentage of 95 percent.

Cep Survey October-November 2018 of sur Scribd

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