Friday , July 30 2021

Cobresal is First! He equaled Cobreloa in a slander duel and ascended to the highest category

Cobresal equals 2-2 (4-3 overall) as a visitor against Cobreloa In an emotional meeting played in the Vault Stadium of the Desert of Calamaand secured his promotion to First Division, after a year and a half in the second category of our soccer.

The encounter had emotions from beginning to end, with a "loíno" meeting, which came out with everything in search of the first goal of the commitment that could initially become a number of dangerous approaches to Lucas Simón.

However, the account opened the visiting team, and he did so thanks to a strange situation, because after a long defensive kick kick from the "albinaranjas", the local defender Miguel Sanhueza who nodded involuntarily to his own goal and left the doorman without options Raúl Olivares, marking a wonderful goal (11 & 39).

This early time was a bucket of cold water for those who led Rodrigo "Kalule" Meléndez, who despite some clear adventures of Pablo Parra and Simon himself could not achieve equality.

In the complement, it changed the attitude of the owners of the house, which quickly generated options and thus reached the tie, thanks to the mentioned Parra, who after an excellent game of the recently accepted Felipe Fritz could match the duel and discount in the worldwide.

The match was at the top of the emotions, a situation that would be worse in the 69's when the division trained by Gustavo Huerta again took advantage, with a precise counterattack sent and finished by Juan Gaete.

It was all the joy for the "miners" who began to make sure the journey to First, although a minute later, they would find a new discount from Cobreloa, thanks to a new goal of Pablo Parra (70 & 39).

From there the "wolves of the desert" all sought to force the penalties, although without generating clear opportunities of an object, ending the meeting with a goalkeeper Raúl Olivares in a free offensive firing, but without achieving the attacked climbing.

Now, Cobresal has to prepare to return to the national football division of honor to which he returns after being suspended in May 2017, at the end of that year.

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