Tuesday , January 26 2021

Cristián Castro is dry for milk … in a bottle

Nobody knows how to make the news singer Cristián Castro, so successful and not exactly for his music. Is that the son of the actress Veronica I castrate generated an impact when assuming what Gabriela Bo, his ex-wife, said in an interview in Argentina. On the occasion, Gaby said that the voice of "Azul", 45, still ate milk in bottles that when they were married he asked their employees to do it.

"He prepared a lady who worked in the house. It was that he had many things for children, because his nephew will remain. And it was a little cup with the pacifist from the bottle," he threw into the water.

Cristián decided to give his version of events to the program of his country's "El fat and the flame" program, from Univisión, where he talked about his fetuses.

The interpreter of "Weeping the Roses" indicated that Bo had said the truth and proved that he was not worried about what people thought. "I really like to feel things that I felt when I was a child and I liked a child as a child, like all the guys, which I suppose we are locking a lot because we want to be big and not say, and what You're a little boy, you're a little bit, "he began to reflect.

To that he added. "I'm not worried, I'll do things like that … Not as I always take milk from a bottle, I can sometimes hold the bottle and say how sweet it is.

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