Saturday , June 19 2021

Criticism of the "sexist" commentary of Barbara Treeback in Pasapalabra

Barbara's Rebuilding's participation in this Friday's chapter in Pasapalabra did not hit.

And it is that an unfortunate comment made by the driver has earned him a series of social network criticism.

The situation occurred when they played & # 39; The Track, and competed with Pablo Zúñiga.

The general idea given by Julián Elfenbein was "you may know them". "His first appearance on television was 3 years"; "They saw the light in 1984"; "The names of their protagonists refer to artists"; "There are seven films about them" and "Splinter was called the master of the stars of the show".

After this, Zúñiga guessed correctly saying "The Ninja Turtles". At that time, Barbara made a statement, which was questioned about twitter: "Hail, I've never seen The Ninja Turtles!" If for people, "said the guest.

After that, he consulted Julian: "Let's see. Did you see Barbie as a boy … and Strawberry? Heidi?"

Declarations that generated a debate. Here are some comments on twitter:

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