Sunday , May 28 2023

Does the "Cat" Silva change teams in Argentina?


On the other side of the mountain range they report that an Independent is looking for a split with the wheelchair and Newell's Old Boys appears as an option.

Independent have recently benefited Catholic University of Ecuador for the first stage of the round of 16 South American Cup. The sole purpose of the engagement was Pedro Pablo Hernández's work.

Francisco Silva The entire meeting was in the replacement bank and in Argentina reports that the red is looking for its exit and thus releases a quota of foreigners.

The newspaper Olé published that "Cat" started the preseason well Sebastian Beccacece, but gradually it lost land. The mass media indicated that Avellaneda's cast is ready to release the quillot, as long as the team employing him takes over his high salary.

The Newell's Old Boys de Frank Kudelka He is very interested in the median trained at the Catholic University. Are you moving to Rosario?

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