Saturday , July 31 2021

Faced with water shortages: a new water drink in Europe is consumed in 12 regions

The Superintendent of Sanitary Services announces that between the 1 of December and the 31st of March the highest period will be for the clients of the sanitary companies. This could be translated into increments of accounts in case of surpassing the established set of limits, so are you calling to pay attention to your drinking and drinking accounts.

The superb tax, in the majority of sanitary companies, is applied as 40m3, as defined in each of the respective tariff regulations. This means that it is applied to the m3 of water consumed after the established monthly limit. In the case of average consumption in the unprepared period of more than 40m3, only the consumption in m3, which exceeds its own average, is affected by overcrowding.

"We face delicious moments of water shortage not only in Chile, but in the world. This is a phenomenon that is no longer seasonal and has become a reality that we have to face, so the call must be concerned with water not only in these maximum periods, but also throughout the year "said the Superintendence of Sanitary Services, Ronaldo Brown.

This summit period only applies to the regions of Arica and Tarapacá, to the Araucanía. The rest of the south zone has a flat index without a limit of overcrowding.

Tips for responsible water consumption

1.- Cut the skin if you stay outside your home for more than one day.

2.- The water used to boil eggs can be used to water the plants. It will also provide foods from its bark.

3.- Close the water supply while you press your teeth. So you will save about 12 liters of water per minute.

4.- Take short rains and close the key while soap or apply a shampoo. You will save 120 liters on average every time.

5.- To drink water, do not let the tap cover, it spends up to 12 liters of water per minute. Preferably use a jar or bottle in the refrigerator.

6.- Install watercams in the room's keys, laundry and rain to reduce consumption in the house. They are very cheap!

7.- Clean the filters of your tap once a year.
Fix all the keys that filter. You can keep 180 liters.

8.- Graduate the opening of the key to what you need. Do not open it absolutely necessary.

9. Do not let the water run while you're raffles. This implies a saving of 24 liters of water every two minutes.

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