Sunday , July 25 2021

Failures in the system encourage suspension of internal UDI options National

Failures in the system registered during the morning of this Sunday have motivated the suspension of the internal elections of the Independent Democratic Union (UDI).

The elections began on Sunday at 9:00 p.m. in over 200 authorities throughout the country and about 12:45 hours the Supreme Court decided to suspend them.

There were 44,555 UDI activists who had the right to vote and choose the new administration.

These people could vote electronically or personally, but they registered Relationships and instability failures In the system, from the company Exhibition.

Fernando Véliz (RBB)
Fernando Véliz (RBB)

The Secretary General of the UDI, Issa Kort, said the technical guarantees to continue with the process were not found.

"We value the decision of the Supreme Court and the provision of both lists (…) because this is speaking that beyond the healthy differences between one list and another, this is a unique aspect of respect to the party's internal democracy "he added. .

Also, formally pardon and pardon the activists who could not vote and explained that the elections would be Sunday on December 16.

Deputy Jorge Alessandri explained that the best thing had rejected the election, because the company did not give a technical solution. Against this background, he indicated that the organization will have a specific time to explain the reason for the failure.

Fernando Véliz (RBB)
Fernando Véliz (RBB)

The activists expressed their annoyance, because of the expedition of the system they had to wait for up to two hours. In this context, they have criticized that there is no "Plan B".

Fernando Véliz (RBB)
Fernando Véliz (RBB)

Among the people who voted, was the Minister of the Interior, Andres Chadwick, who before the suspension expressed the importance of the party to go ahead, regardless of who was elected as the new or new president of the union.

These internal elections were marked by the halves and red among the lists of Javier Macaya and Jacqueline van Rysselberghe

Through a letter published in El Mercurio, former presidents of UDI, Juan Antonio Coloma, Patricio Melero, Julio Dittborn and Ernesto Silva, called for a vote for Javier Macaya.

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