Friday , January 15 2021

"God of War" won the Game Prize for the best game of the year

"God of War", developed by Santa Monica Studio and released by Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), won this Thursday prize for the best game of the year at the party The Game Awards held in Los Angeles (USA).

This action and adventure game competed in the category of best game game with "Odyssey of Assassin" (Ubisoft), "Celestial" (Matt Makes Games), "Marvel's Spider-Man" (Insomniac Games), "Monster Hunter: Mondo" (Capcom) and "Red Dead Redemption 2" (Rockstar).

"God of War" also won the prizes to best address and best action adventure of a total of ok apps.

The face "Red Dead Redemption 2", of the same creators of the successful series Grand Theft Auto (GTA), won the prizes Better story, better soundtrack, better sound and to better performance by Roger Clark, who put the voice to the protagonist, "Arthur Morgan".

"Dead Cells", of Motion Twin, won the prize for best performance video game, The "Dragon Ball FighterZ" (Arc System Works) a Best fighting game, The "Forza Horizonte 4" (Game Games) a Best sports or driving game and "In the Breach" (Lower Games) a best strategic gaming game.

In the category of best family game game won "Excused 2" (Funny Games), La Best video games for mobile phone it was "Florence" (Montes) and "Fortune" (Epic Games) on Better multiplayer videojuego.

Finally, "Battle 2018", developed by students from the University of Applied Sciences of Norway, won the prize for best student game, a category in which a group of Basque university students also competed with "Jena".

This was the fifth edition of The Game Awards, considered "The Oscars" of the digital entertainment industry and Heirs of the Spike Video Game Awards (2003-2013), who also awarded in different categories to the best game games of the year.

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