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Leading a healthy life is linked to the consumption of fruits, vegetables in the daily diet. However, it is not enough to nourish us in this way if we do not clean these products well, because we could carry parasites within our body.

Parasites known as Giardia Lamblia are hiding well, laying their eggs or ingesting vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage and fruit, whether strawberries and raspberries This can endanger people's health.

Manuel Espinoza, infectologist National Institute of Health (INS), detailed for Business that these vegetables and fruits are easily infected because they are grown in the soil and watered by sewage, which contains human fecal matter, promoting the appearance of parasites.

While it is true that this practice is well known, many people consume these foods after washing them with spray water or impregnating them in a container containing water and tilting, without considering that not all parasites disappear.

"With the chlorine, only the bacteria will be killed, but the parasite, eggs or cysts are not removed, and when ingested we could be affected"Espinoza explained.

Many straw crops are irrigated by sewage, which encourages the emergence of parasites. (Photo: Pixabay)

Many straw crops are irrigated by sewage, which encourages the emergence of parasites. (Photo: Pixabay)

Related to strawberries, when purchased, it is necessary to choose the best, never the crushed, weakened or watery ones, because their outer part is weakened and full of germs. "It's also not good to remove the leaves, because they serve as a kind of seal, preventing the entry of cysts like salmonella, which can infect the fruit."he commented.

Clean method

If you bought strawberries You must follow this hygiene pattern before consuming them.

First, they must be washed under running water to remove all the soil, without cutting the leaves, as they serve as a guarantee that they will not be contaminated indoors.

After that, a small solution is made: neutral liquid soap with water. "With a toothbrush, like a toothbrush, but a larger or green sponge, we begin to rub the surface of each fragment, by brushing, we will remove all that is left: eggs, parasites that still exist," he said.

It is then locked in, and placed in a container with water from a bleach for 20 minutes. "Bleach is going to guarantee salmonella killing"he says. Finally, they are washed to prepare or refrigerate.

"Unfortunately the parasites do not die by throwing hot water at them, so another option is to boil them for 15 minutes to eliminate risks"he explained. However, Espinoza points out that the washing procedure is much more practical.

He also said that it is better to buy this fruit in special places. "The ideal is to buy strawberries in places where they sell hydroponic or organic products, because they guarantee they have not been irrigated with contaminated sewerage. That's why the parasites' eggs stick together. Many also use soaked pesticides."he explained.


The doctor said that these parasites enter the body and live in the intestines, leaving their eggs and developing into adult parasites.

The symptoms appear after the incubation period, which lasts between one and three weeks, ie diarrhea, gas and abdominal pains. In more severe cases, malabsorption syndrome can occur due to destruction of epithelial cells of the small intestine, producing anemia, especially in children.

If you have these symptoms, it is best to contact the doctor.

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