Friday , August 12 2022

Here is the story of the protagonists in real life


Success was the Turkish television series "One Thousand and One Nights”In Chile, when it first aired in 2014 and also now in Mega.

In this regard, love has been tapping the screens between actor Halit Ergenç (Onur) and Bergüzar Korel Sherezadel), so much so that they are expecting their second child today.

The protagonists fell in love with full recordings and there was so much love that they decided to leave their partners and get married in 2009. They also have a nine-year-old son named Ali.

On Aug. 7, the couple turned 10 years of marriage, but they did not experience any difficulty because jealousy played against them on several occasions: "I was a bully. Very wild. I had many women. He walked from bed to bed. He lived from flower to flower, but Bergüzar and my son Ali made me complete. My dark stage is over. She and I are inextricably linked", The actor began by saying.

"Bergüzar's concerns threatened our relationship. But I cannot allow a crisis to break our whole story and get away from my son. I couldn't live without them“Halit went on GQ magazine.

His wife, for his part, said: "I'm jealous, but I know how to push this issue. Family is a priority for us."

According to CNN Turkey, the couple is expecting their second child: "She doesn't want to make a statement until her baby is three months old."

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