Saturday , July 31 2021

Important accusation: they assure that partners of the Real-sellers' tickets issued by Liberans sell them Soccer

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ARKIVO | Agency One

World-wide tumult has caused the new sale of tickets for the final controversy of the Copa Libertadores 2018.

This, because no one wants to stay outside the encounter that will face Plate River and Juniors Mouth in the Santiago Bernabéu, a product of the embarrassing episode in Argentine earth, had to move to Spain.

Although the new scene has not fallen to the satisfaction of some Spaniards who have not hesitated to make their discomfort, others have cut their losses and decided to buy their ticket to attend the agreed meeting.

At least that is what included the partners and fans of Real Madrid, who in just two hours It sold the 7 thousand tickets that were available to testify the Superclassics Argentinano

"Real Madrid partners have run out the limited number of tickets agreed by the club with the Conmebol for the final of the Copa Libertadores. It is possible to get a place for a partner plus another for a", indicated by the merengue club according to the Nation.

So far, nothing new. However, said media has used its platform to ensure that after closing this process The tickets began to appear on the black market, those that range between $ 189,454 and $ 757,818 Chilean pesos.

As expected, this news has led to a surprise between the two squadrons who, on the one hand, have the possibility of buying these tickets, while waiting for the general and official sales of these.

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