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Inflation has registered a null variation in November and the lemon stands out among the largest economies

In November 2018, as reported this morning by the National Institute of Statistics (INE), the The Consumer Price Index (CPI) recorded no monthly variation, accumulating 2.7% up to now this year and 2.8% up to twelve months.

In its newsletter, the country's main statistics editor explained that "in the eleventh month of the year" four of the twelve divisions that formed the CPI basket contributed positive effects on the variation of the index , seven had negative effects and one null sign effect ".

Between the divisions with vehicles you stand out Entertainment and culture (1.3%) and food and non-alcoholic beverages (0.4%).

Pink and trip

In that last element he stood out the lemon, which recorded a monthly growth of 35.5%.

The The monthly increase in its price was due to its lower availability in the market, because this product is associated with the winter production season.

Also, Tour packages have raised price, marked by the high requirement for destinies like Peru (in specific Lima), Colombia (San Andres) and San Rafael Lagoon.

UNO Agency
UNO Agency

He lowered the tomato and the gas

On the other hand, among the divisions that recorded decreases in their prices, transported (-0.6%). "The remaining divisions with negative events accumulated -0.129 pp," the NSI said.

In addition, the The tomato had a decrease of 9.1% due to an increase in its offer, a consequence of the largest offer from the country's central area, which is in full production.

UNO Agency
UNO Agency

On the other hand, added the NSI, gasoline showed a monthly reduction of 1.4%. As the National Oil Petroleum Company (ENAP) indicated in its weekly fuel reports, "the decline was due to factors related to the growth of oil supplies by the United States, geopolitical reasons and diminishing interchange, among other reasons."

Variations and effects of the 20 products with the highest weight in the basket


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