Thursday , January 21 2021

"It's time to say enough"

It seems surplus. About 450 million pesos in a change ceremony for the Air Force are at least fat. It is true that the largest amount of expenditures is concentrated on airplanes.

The Fach defended himself by explaining that the hours of piloting were part of the usual training of the pilots. But at least It is asked whether it is in air parade to make the best use of these hours or in other exercises.

Without the president Sebastián Piñera, without revealing the amount, he criticized the cost of the ceremony. After doing it and after he asked Customs officers to tell the truth, he received critics from his own allies, such as Mario Overflow, who argued that it is not good to "give on earth" to the Armed Forces and Customs officers.

But it turns out that the president is the hierarchic superior and police officer and, therefore, has to exercise guidance. It is not the one who disbelieves them, but the members who work badly or do not know how to measure expenses. If it is political tactics based on the suggestions of Transfluits or because the president considers it necessary to make a public gesture that raises the court, it is something he can only explain.

The deputy believes that only critics must be put in place, but it turns out that all scandals are already in public domain. The Armed Forces and Armed Forces are the care of all Chileans and yes, their successes and mistakes are the subject of a national debate.

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It is never the responsibility of a whole institution to act wrong or offensive by its members. But when isolated errors are repeated, when the initial versions are not reliable, then it means that structurally something is wrong. And it's time to say: enough.

Opacity is not the best way to detect and isolate those responsible and Transparency is the greatest guarantee for innocents. For, for example, those karabinieri de Chañaral, who rejected a bribe of 100 million pesos, prestige and prestige to the institution.

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