Thursday , January 21 2021

Japan is going to join the list of countries that do not want Huawei

Allied of Trump.

Huawei is a great brand within Japan. Moreover, it is great throughout Asia and throughout the world, except in the United States where they are completely removed.

Now that same country, Japan, is ready to stop the development of Huawei in its country, in a way it seems to be more political than anything else.

As strategic allies of the United States, according to Reuters and CNBC reports, will ban Huawei into government bids and have its members occupy brand names.

ZTE is also another brand that will be affected by this, like in the United States, Australia and New Zealand, where they can not even qualify for public offers.

Why? According to reports that were not shown or published by the US intelligence agencies, Huawei would have a "front door" which would "allow China's espionage".

He has been rejected by Huawei, who maintains excellent relations with countries in the world where they have installed their telecommunications and cell phones are sold as hot cakes, even overcoming Apple in different parts of the world.

All these problems take place while the company's Financial Director was arrested in Canada according to the orders of the United States and the trade warfare is at its height.

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