Saturday , July 31 2021

Jean Beausejour Coliqueo auctions his storyteller in the Teleton Society

For Javiera Pizzoleo

Within the series of products offered in the Substate, where are they even? Ball of the first end of the Copa Libertadores, another item stole the attention.

Because by foot 400 thousand pesos can be taken by Jean Beausejour Coliqueo's historical t-shirt He played the friends Chile against Honduras in Temuco, using his Mapuche a family name to his family, his Mapuche origin and as support for the assassinated member community in Temucuicui Camilo Catrillanca.

To make an offer you have to enter the web site, A space where other gift shirts are available for auction, for example Arturo Vidal, Esteban Paredes, Iván Zamorano, Alexis Sánchez and many others.

The theme ends this Saturday at 22:00 a.m.

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