Saturday , July 31 2021

Mapuche leaders set up a request to the National Government

In the city of Temucuicui, the so-called one Trawuno, a meeting of Mapuchean leaders throughout the country, Where the conditions of the A dialogue that will be carried out with the Government after the murder of Camilo Catrillanca.

The leaders of the different Mapuche organizations They raised a request with four basic points, which would be the minimum requirements to sit down to speak with the central authorities.

These are: Immediate end to militarization in the area – including the Jungle Command-Free determination of Mapuche, The creation of a commission of lighting for historical crimes – which includes repairs and compensations of the State to the communities – and territorial restitution – demanding the gradual exit of the Mapuche territory's forests.

Jorge Huenchullán, a member of the Temucuicui Independent Community and a leader, who was part of the meeting, said that the participants in the meeting expressed everywhere "their pain and indignation on how the state has carried out policies with the Mapuche people", adding that "If the authorities agree to fulfill the request, we will talk to them, if they are not, will be a call to Mapuche rebellion."

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