Sunday , June 13 2021

More than 1,500 pets have been vaccinated against rabies in the area

Positive evaluation was conducted by the Health Authority after the end of the massive vaccination against rabies performed in 11 communes in the region.

The purpose of the activity was to prevent rabies, a viral infection characterized by acute encephalomyelitis, with fatality of 100%, even when describing exceptional cases of recovery. The transmission is by the saliva of the animal through a bite or contact with the mucous or mucous sores as it lies in the nervous system. The animals that can transmit the disease can be bats, dogs, and foxes, that is, those with warm blood.

The health balance of Alejandro García was positive "These rabies operations carried out in conjunction with our health Sarmi and the municipalities of the 3 districts of the region, were able to vaccinate 1,539 pets, meaning it was a massive operation very important for the community to prevent rabies."

In addition, the Ministry of Health stressed the importance of the operation, noting that "so far we have received 52 community-tested bat samples sent to the Institute of Public Health, four of which are positive, so the importance of maintaining the vaccination card is up to date with our pets."

Activities were carried out in 11 communes in the region such as Canela, Coquimbo, La Serena, La Higuera, Punitaqui, Ovalle, Salamanca, Los Vilos, Paihuano, Illapel and Vicuña.

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