Monday , August 8 2022

Nico Gavilán beat Ledy Ossandón again in Pasapalabra: this is how social media reacted | TV and Show


On Tuesday night the revenge between Nicholas Gavilán and Ledy Ossandón in WORD. Both faced with a thread accumulated in 374 million weights. This time the triumph was also for the student Hualpén.

This was because Gavilán had 22 correct answers, one error and two that were not answered in a timely manner. For its part, Ledy was given 20 rights, missed four and left one unanswered.

The competition lived with enough enthusiasm on social media, where most supporters of the program favored the music student.

Gavilán had already been imposed on Ossandón in the previous chapter, but the competition had to be repeated because of an error in the production of the program in relation to the expression "ancestor".

That night, in the definition of the T, who was "father and mother of one of the person's ancestors," the contestant replied "Grandfather," who was accepted from the production. However, the correct answer was "Grandfather", in the plural.

According to the SAR, the singular of this word has a different definition: "Father or mother of one of man's grandchildren".

After the space was over, Ledy wished Nicholas success in the presence of Julian Elfenbein and the public. "I very much want you to win WORD, you deserve it ”

That gesture thanked the young man who said goodbye with a hug from his competitor, leaving behind the rivalry they had in the last two episodes.

It should be noted that, as Elfenbein noted, this was the last intervention Ledy had in the science program in which he gained great popularity and was known as the "Soa Ledy".

To this is added that from now on the English teacher will start preparing her campaign to become mayor of the city of Calama.

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