Tuesday , January 26 2021

Pasapalabra: "Soa Ledy" challenged his teammates to blow the Society's responses

This Thursday was a moment uncomfortable Pasapalabra, which was starring "Soa Ledy " After a mistake he did Juan Pablo Sáez and Kata Bono, your companions.

The participant, who already has several programs, was angry that the actor beat the answers to the start of reality, while he had to guess the song in "The Musical Track".

"Because I saw you"cried Sáez to Bono, who played the box, but did not know what to answer. After this event, Julian Elfenbein punished and delivered them three seconds to his rival, Philip Gamboa.

In that line, Ledy Ossandón accused: "No one has seen it, but in current circumstances I am going to defy my team to my assistants. Here are the most important ones in the seconds. But sometimes it is necessary to tell the helpers to focus more in the game, without so nervous, I encourage my helpers to enjoy it and do not kill. "

This "confrontation" did not hit and It has generated great tension in the space of CHV.

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