Monday , June 21 2021

Passage of the Meter of Santiago doubles the average tariff in Latin American National

After materializing this Saturday the third Travel of the Transantiago sale In less than a year, the Metro of Santiago now reaches 800 pesos in top hours.

According to data published by The Third, it's about that almost doubles the cost of other underground trains in Latin America, whose average reaches 447.1 pesos.

The value closer to the main picture shows him Rio de Janeiro, whose ticket has a cost of 766 pesos for users. Review some comparisons below.

Mexico City: 176 pesos.

Buenos Aires: 278.9 pesos.

Lima: 301 pesos

Sao Paulo: 713 pesos.

Rio de Janeiro: 766.9 pesos.

Average Half America: 447.1 pesos.

The 20 pesos rise for all rates -Expertive students, who only rise 10 pesos, will begin to operate this Saturday.

The Ministry of Transport has ruled that Construction of Line 3 influenced this decision and ensured that it was an instruction of the Expert Panel adapted at the price of fuel, the dollar, the euro and the work.

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