Thursday , January 21 2021

Piñera: We will have better times and we will work to make them arrive faster

The President Sebastián Piñera highlighted the figures of the Monetary Policy Report presented on Wednesday by the Central Bank, Who is projecting an increase of 4.0 percent for this year.

The president reported this matter on the day when Worldwide market markets show a widespread fall after the arrest in Canada of the heiress of giant telecommunications, Chinese Huawei.

Despite this winner in international markets, President Piñera emphasized

"Growing hard, investment and productivity recovery, wage growth, employment reinforcing, is a very good news."

"(This) means we will have better times, although some think they need to get it faster, and of course we will work to get them faster. and to all the Chilean houses, "said the commander.

Thus, Piñera guaranteed the best times of the resonance hand in the investment, which the next year will go in the six percent according to the projections of the Central Bank.

External risks for the national economy

In that sense, the same president of the emission, Mario Marcel, presented this report in Icare, which shows the expectations of better economic figures, although he explained that everything depends on what is happening with the international economy and the commercial war.

"The main risks for these projections are in the outer sectorThe possibility of a more significant deterioration in the world economy due to more sudden changes in risk perceptions and in the trajectory of monetary policy or the decline of the commercial conflict, and in the event of those risks materializing, the fluctuation of fluctuation is still latent. and the stabilizing role of monetary policy in Chile will be fundamental to minimizing its impact on our economy, "said Marcel.

Meanwhile, the governor of the group Quiñenco, the merchant Andrónico Luksic, in the signing of an agreement for the installation of a university of the Asian giant in our country, expressed confidence in the investment figures issued by the Central Bank on the previous day.

"You must have faith, the Central Bank says that the next year will be a good year in terms of investment, I also believe," he said briefly.

The arrest of Huawei's founder's daughter had effects in Chile, where the stock market fell 0.45 percent and the price of the dollar increased to 676 pesos.

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