Monday , June 21 2021

POP Gears! Showing his first game


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Pop Gears! Was announced very surprisingly during the conference Xbox in E3 2018. This title attracted attention because it is a spinoff that no one expected, but, it looks very soft that it uses as the famous base Funko Pop!

The title approaches its launch window, and for this reason, The Coalition Has decided to release a new breakthrough that shows us what this new project is.

During development log, head The Coalition, Rod Ferguson, And the game manager, Tyler Bailman, Explaining that the title will soon have its light release and will only be available in some areas. This is so that the output passes on a small to large scale. It will be more or less beta.

In the video you can estimate a duel lasting about three minutes which is very similar to Royal Sketch.

The goal at POP Gears! Is to carry the pillars of the universe Wheels of war; Cover, explosive moments and characters of the franchise, to the mobile title.

It is possible to assemble a team with the heroes of a franchise against the villains in the three-to-three-stranded sand.

You should not forget it POP Gears! It was one of the three Gears games announced during the E3 2018, with Gears 5 and another tactical offer remaining.

The mobile game will be ready during 2019, and certainly, will come to our region thanks to the popularity of the concession, at least in Mexico.

What did you think about the game? Do you think it looks a lot like the Royal Clash or does it have its own identity? Do not forget to leave your notes at the end of the note.

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